Two Tory MPs rejected ‘in-and-out’

Mark and Guergis said campaign finance scheme didn’t sit right


Two more former Tory MPs are the latest to come forward saying they were against the Conservative party’s “in-and-out” election financing scheme. Inky Mark, a former Manitoba MP, and Helena Guergis, the former Conservative minister who was fired from caucus, have joined former Quebec Conservative candidate David Marler and MP Dave Mackenzie in distancing themselves from the campaign finance scheme. Mark, who said he was approached by party officials during the 2006 election campaign and asked to deposit thousands of dollars into his campaign chest only to withdraw it later to buy advertising, said it didn’t add up. “I said, ‘why would you give me money and give it back?’ It didn’t make sense,” Mark said. “So I said, ‘No thanks.’” Meanwhile, Guergis’s sister and campaign manager, Christine Brayford, said “something in my gut told me no.”

The Globe and Mail

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Two Tory MPs rejected ‘in-and-out’

  1. Internal dissent. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

  2. I've always wondered why only 67 candidates participated when they would have fielded 300+. That alone should be a tip-off that something is just "off" about the entire scheme.

    Wonder when the other 200 will speak up…

    • Many spend the entire amount of their budget in their own riding, though, and have none left for media buys.

  3. First "Mad" Max Bernier.

    Now Harper.

    Both in hot water over a little "in and out" action.

    • The difference is in who is being screwed…

  4. Ah maybe that's why Harper was so keen to bin Guergis, she was a tad too honest for his taste.

    I hope she comes back to haunt the pasty doughboy

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