Two U.S. airmen killed by gunman in Germany

Radicalism might have been a factor in Frankfurt airport shooting


German authorities say Islamic radicalism may have been a factor in the shooting a 21-year-old Kosovar national opened fire at Frankfurt airport in Germany on Wednesday, killing two U.S. airmen and wounding two others. The suspect, Arid Uka, has already been charged with murder and attempted murder, but authorities are not ruling out terrorism charges, after it was revealed that Uka is Muslim who reportedly yelled “God is great” in Arabic prior to opening fire, and was carrying a large amount of ammunition, according to Der Spiegel. U.S. President Barack Obama said “we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous attack took place and in working with German authorities to ensure that all of the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

New York Times

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Two U.S. airmen killed by gunman in Germany

  1. Enough talk already from all the Western leaders about confronting terrorism. Get something actually done, and forget all the political correctness nonsense.

  2. The 'authorities' and media state 'radicalism may have been a factor'? How stupid are these people? He was shouting 'Allahu Akbar'! – the same words all the other killers shout.

    The 'authorities' and media in the West are pathetic cowards.

    • No, Phil, it isn't the authorities and the media who are the cowards; it's the terrorists.

      • Say what you want about those jihaidist cockroaches as they are totally ruthless, despicable and crazed but they are not cowards.

  3. Kosovo is a region in the former Yugoslavia, also with a high population of Muslim immigrants. It could be possible this attack is related to the move for independance the immigrated Muslims pushed for, supported by the US as another point of influence in eastern europe. I'm sorry to hear the airmen died that way, it's humiliating for a soldier to be caught defenseless like that and killed. None the less, don't forget that it is our obligation to avoid innocent bloodshed, even though we suffer indescriminate attacks like this.

    • What most Canadians and most Kosovars have in common is that neither people want individuals like Arif Uka in their midst. That alone is reason enough to avoid innocent bloodshed whenever possible.

  4. Radicalism? You mean ISLAM! Allowing large numbers of Muslims into W. Europe and N. America is already a proven disaster. The evidence piles up every day.

  5. The PC crowd, including our own beloved media are turning into our enemy massaging the truth about a failed mulculturalism policy that may and probably will destroy our society. God, but people are stupid.

  6. Each terrorist attack like the one in Frankfurt only confirms my belief that terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban feel themselves backed up against a wall. Peaceful demonstrators have managed to bring down the governments of Tunisia and Egypt in just the past five weeks

  7. Funny, eight comments so far and not one person questioning why in $^&% the US still has soldiers in Germany.

    • It's because of the convenience when moving them around.

  8. All my sympaties to their familly and friends. May they rest in peace. Soyez en paix.

  9. In other news,

    The Sun "may be a factor" in the increased light in the dawn sky.

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