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I cah’t wate for the Guvenor-Genneralz Literry Awards.

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Typo of the day

    • I wanted to be shocked by this story but wasn't. Government sells some things for $4,000 and buys back same items for $95,000. Sounds about right for bureaucrat competence, as far as I can tell.

  1. It is just another stop in decline and fall of the western world. At least it wasn't written txt-style.

  2. Strange. Most typos today are of the their/they're/there variety (bad grammar), or the rib/rob/rub variety (keys near each other, mistake ends up spelling different word), neither of which can be detected by spell-check.
    This one could have been avoided with a spell check.

  3. That was stimulus. The extra $91,000 is helping to grow the economy. We're on the right track, etc.

  4. Why do you people hate my awards? I'm just trying to give back.

    • They must be illiterrits.


      (Just about spit out my coke from laughing out loud – for the technoamateurs out there)

  5. It's Canada, a.

  6. Does the government pay "marketwire.com" for their professional private sector expertise in sending out press releases, or is this a government created release that you got from a release-sending service through marketwire?

  7. The people at MarketWire don't deserve the contract!!

    This is what happens when government outsources its responsibilities! It costs a lot more and you get garbage!

    The Governor General's Office is made to look like its staffed by a bunch of uneducated amateurs.

    Our public institutions really are in a sorry state these days.

  8. I thought lettering was spelt with two ts