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U of O professors accuse Tories of witchhunt

Mendes and Attaran’s personal information is anonymously requested


Two professors at the University of Ottawa, Errol Mendes and Amir Attaran, are wondering if federal Conservatives are behind access to information requests for their employment, expense, and teaching records. Both Mendes and Attaran have in the past been vocal critics of the Conservative government and have both been accused of being Liberal sympathizers. “I started thinking, my God, this is a McCarthy-like attempt to politically intimidate both of us,” Mendes said of the request for his professional records. Attaran echoed Mendes’ concern, saying “I have a feeling it’s political.” Ontario law means the identity of the party who made the request remains anonymous. Fred DeLorey, a spokesman for the Conservative Party denied any involvement from the government.

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U of O professors accuse Tories of witchhunt

  1. Poor Attaran, hasn't had his name in the news for a while so lets claim a Conservative "whitchhunt". Boo-hoo, go back to the U.S where you are from – maybe Iggy can get your old job back at Harvard and you can wait for him there.

    We are tired of your unsubstantiated, uncorroborated assertions that hurt innocent people.

    • Who is afraid that war crimes will be exposed? Hmmmm….

      • He accused Canadian soldiers of beating three detainees which was completely false. You don't go aroud making claims like that in the media.

        • Sheesh…you forgot to add "…or else…", moron.

          Harper and the CPC have successfully converted Canada to a "democratic" state that would put the Soviet Union to shame…

  2. In phase two, we reinstate government accountability and access to information, but it will only apply to state identified liberals and other undesirables.

  3. Attaran's jihad against Canadians is his contribution to the larger war on the civilized world by Islamists. It's called 'Lawfare' instead of warfare and fascist Islam is very good at exploiting our legal system to advance their cause. Our legal system needs to recognize and fight back against Islamist attacks.

  4. If there is such a manhunt for Liberal sympathizers, wouldn't they have targeted Allan Rock first (Rock first before wee stones, so to speak)? Hopefully, it's not their actions that are causing them to suffer from paranoia?

  5. Mendes and Attaran are a pair of gigantic A-holes, and "Liberal" party agents, dishonest to the core. Canada doesn't need these kind of sleazy propagandists spewing their bile and dragging political discourse down into the sewer. They have absolutely no evidence to back up their ridiculous accusations and they should be condemned for instigating such polarizing, specious claims. What the hell is going on at the U of O where every Prof is some kind of free speech censor and far left brain washing, indoctrinator. Hey, Attaran, go back to the USA (Harvard) and take you're snot nosed supremacist nature and unfounded conspiracy theories with you.

    • remove, 'liberal', references and I'd swear to God you're talking about harperites.

  6. For years now these centres for 'higher' learning have been nothing but breeding grounds for far left and extremist activism and it is long overdue for the government to 'out' these traitors. They are ruining our children. Propoganda works and we are allowing it. Shame on us.

    • For Christ's sake, man, ever heard of Tom Flanagan? On the other hand, I guess he'd fit in the, éxtremist activism', category, right?

    • Are you for real?! What happens at these 'centres for higher learning' is that people are educated. In those 'centres for higher learning, our children' are educated. They learn about our world, they learn to research the facts for themselves and to form their own opinions. They learn that 'propoganda works' and with any luck they learn to avoid becoming victims of it, unlike yourself. Here's an idea… Instead of being a victim of propoganda, you should attend one of these 'centres for higher learning'. You might actually learn something. Or, just keep voting for Harper… He'll think for you, he'll spend your money for you, he knows what's best for you… Trust him :)

  7. Typical behaviour of this government. They have gone several steps farther in exacerbating the corruption they accused the previous Liberal government of.

    • Typical post from a Liberal, you know it's not the government making the request, but you'll smear the walls in here anyway…..

  8. Funny how the Conservative apologists have come out in force to further attack Mendes and Attaran.

    • Accusations without proof is so easily done.

  9. Must be the conservatives. We know no Canadian journalist would bother checking out the the background and bona fiides of sources of such dramatic front page headlines.

  10. Here is the NP take on this "big" news storey.

    From the Toronto Star: Possibly the lamest front-page “exclusive” in the history of Canadian journalism

    Could this anonymous freedom-of-information requester be a Tory? Yes. Could he be a Liberal? Yes. Could he be a person of no particular political affiliation sitting at home in his pajamas? Yes. Could he be one of the professors themselves? Yes. Could he be someone at the Star itself? Yes.

    • #1 debate poisoning rag in the country.

  11. The Conservatives are so clever! Not only have they had this secret campaign against these two obscure professors they disagree with (rather than directing that energy towards more high-profile opponents — you know, like ones you may have heard of before today), but they also provided the clever cover of having their University of Ottawa subjected to an extreme rash of FOI requests over the past four years.

    This way, the obvious story — two University of Ottawa professors are the latest to be subject to the intrusively in-depth FOI requests that have curiously plagued their University since 2007 — is what the papers will report, as opposed to the real story. And look how well it worked!