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U.S. and Britain close Yemen embassies

Both countries site security risks and fear of further attack from the country’s al-Qaida presence


The U.S. and Britain announced on Sunday that their embassies have been shut down in Yemen. After the attempted bombing of a American flight on Christmas Day—by a Nigerian man who was trained and aided by Yemen al-Qaida members—concerns about further attacks prompted President Barack Obama to shut the embassy. The U.S. has been increasing its monetary counterterrorism aid to Yemen as well as its intelligence work there over the last year—just as al-Qaida has stepped up its presence in Yemen over the same period of time. Britain also closed their embassy for security reasons.


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U.S. and Britain close Yemen embassies

  1. That's what's "wrong"i with the free world. They have ceded sovereignty to the ubiquitus group…keep backing up and we'll have them in our basements, if don't already!

  2. The big question , the central question, is why do they hate us so much ? It cannot be our continuous invasions and killing of millions of innocents as well as our unbalanced support for Israel. It has nothing to do with the control of fossil fuels? The only crime committed by the middle east is that they are sitting on vast oil reserves.