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U.S. beats Canada 5-3 in men’s hockey

U.S. to advance to quarterfinals


The Canadian men’s hockey team have got a tough road ahead—with tonight’s 5-3 loss to the U.S., Canada finishes second in its pool and must now play Germany on Tuesday in a qualification game. If Canada successfully beats out Germany, the team will in all likelihood be matched against Russia on Wednesday.

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U.S. beats Canada 5-3 in men’s hockey

  1. Own the Podium is turning into Owe the Podium. Well done to the Canucks that managed a first, second or third, but has anyone noticed that little Norway, with fewer than five million people, is kicking our butt? What are they doing that thirty plus million of us, and two billion dollars, can't?
    I wish the two billion and counting spent on this nonsense for the pampered few was spent instead on two hundred, ten million dollar sports complexes for little towns and cities across Canada. Better for the kids and families, and better use of the taxpayers money.

    As for the hockey, face it- we choked when it counted. And the Yanks played a better game. It all comes down to that.

    • Wait, are you saying if we did better in the medals count the money spent wouldn't be an issue?

      "As for the hockey, face it- we choked when it counted. And the Yanks played a better game. It all comes down to that."

      Um, it didn't count. At least not really. And we outshot them 45-22. If not for some bad goaltending…

      • I'm saying it obvious we could learn something from the Norwegians- about coaching, determination, skills, and a culture that values physical fitness instead of chocolate glazed donuts and pizza. And we could spend that kind of money to better serve all Canadians for years to come, by using the billions spent to build family oriented sports complexes all across the country.
        And as far as shots on net go, , more of their shots went in than ours. Its simple, really, Emmett. In the end, when the dust settles, the tourists go home and the post game jocks have had their say, it all comes down to that. And the last time I watched, the goal tender was part of the team.

        • They're goaltender outplayed ours. But their team didn't "play a better game" overall. I realize that's a distinction that might hurt your brain…

  2. The US team must have learned for the Canada-Swiss game that the way to beat Canada was to do two things; one, pressure the defence, don't give them time to think or handle the puck, and two, clog the front of their own net and force Canada to shoot from the outside or the point.

    They executed that strategy well, and combined it with Brodeur's off-game to win.

    It's time for Luongo to stand between the pipes and for us to pray for the best.

  3. I don't know hockey well enough to offer anything constructive. But it looks like they're struggling on offense, in spite of outshouting their opponents. it just seems that their shot selection is primitive, or rushed or something along that line.