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U.S., China, Russia have deal on sanctions for Iran

Security council agreement comes day after Iran strikes deal with Turkey and Brazil


On Tuesday, Iran announced that it had made a deal with Turkey and Brazil to ship half of its nuclear stockpile out of the country. Aha, said experts; savvy Tehran is working to preempt a U.S strike. Not so fast. A day later, the Obama administration confirmed that it had struck a deal with Russia and China to impose a new set of sanctions on Iran. Under the new sanctions, countries must inspect all ships and planes traveling in or out of Iran if they are suspected to contain banned materials. “This announcement is as convincing an answer to the efforts undertaken in Tehran over the last few days as we could provide,” lauded U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Still, not everyone is celebrating. In order to secure Russia and China’s cooperation, the U.S. was forced to scrap its most ambitious plan to stop the flow of oil into Iran. And some experts say the new sanctions just aren’t tough enough to get Iran to end its nuclear program.

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