U.S. construction projects in Afghanistan called into question


A U.S. initiative to spend millions on construction projects in Afghanistan is running so far behind schedule that it won’t be beneficial until after most U.S. troops have left the country, reports The Washington Post.

A report by the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction suggests the Afghan government will have neither the skills, nor the money to maintain many of the projects.

The study questions the U.S. strategy to counter Taliban insurgency by creating roads and power plants. It also raises the question of whether American spending in Afghanistan is helping, or just making things worse.

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U.S. construction projects in Afghanistan called into question

  1. they’re not building for the afghanis, they’re build for the americans that will NEVER LEAVE so long as there is oil

    • So then they’ll be leaving promptly, then?

  2. that was pretty brief. I didnt think anyone was expecting the Americans or even our own Canadian government to really do too much. Just hopefully kill enough crazy foreign people and scare enough of the young ones from following in their fathers footsteps and then bounce out, for another twenty years. Then we will most likely head back, lets be honest right. Its only a matter of time before America needs another scape goat.

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