U.S. delays Keystone XL project until after 2012 election

State Department to consider alternate route for controversial pipeline from Alberta


The U.S. State Department announced on Thursday it would postpone any decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline until after the 2012 election. The $7 billion pipeline, which would transport oil from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast, has been under State Department consideration since 2008, but officials now say they will look at alternate routes in a bid to alleviate the concerns of environmentalists. Critics of the project claim it would threaten sensitive lands in Nebraska and that oil extracted from Alberta’s tar sands would contribute to climate change.

The New York Times


U.S. delays Keystone XL project until after 2012 election

  1. Of course the Obama administration wants this pipeline to be pushed back until after the 2012 election. With a sure Republican victory in 2012, the liberals and Obama can scream all over the country that they were against the pipeline from the start. This is a feeble attempt to shore up support and votes from the uber left and the enviornmental wackos. Sad to say it will not work. Most of America can see through this guy like a pane of glass. Also, I must be missing something, while I applaud the pipeline, the much needed jobs that it would create on both sides of the border and the fact that we are processing oil from an ally, why is Canada not building refineries in Alberta and Saskatchewan and selling  the finished product? I understand that the oil recovery in the Tar Sands is a joint venture between Canadian and US companies but think it would be in Canada’s economic interests to sell the final product and not the raw natural resource. Is there something I missed???

    • Yes, you missed the line-up of wackos on the Repub team, and the likelihood that Obama will be a 2 term president.

    • There was an excellent explanation from a blogger on a thread in yesterday’s Globe and Mail…apparently the refineries are very costly ($10 billion) to build and there is a labor shortage in Alberta & Sask. so there are issues with getting them built.  The refineries in Ontario are not the correct kind of refineries.

  2. By all means . Build the pipe and sell the product. Gives  work and revenue.

  3. Once an aquifer is contaminated, it is gone forever. It is important to protect our drinking water. Have you ever lived in a country where you cannot drink the tap water? However, it is not an excuse to defer an important decision.

    • You would be surprised how many communities in Canada are under “unsafe drinking water” advisories everyday.  Have you ever heard of “beaver fever”?  Some of those communities haven’t had drinking water from their taps for years…

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