U.S. homeowners confront a smelly problem

Chinese drywall is causing health issues and housing nightmares


Homeowners in the U.S. have had it bad over the past year as the housing bubble has burst. Now, to add to their woes, comes a new threat: potentially hazardous Chinese drywall. As many as 100,000 homeowners are struggling with imported drywall, installed either in 2006 and 2007, that is emitting ‘rotten egg’ smells, making them sick and corroding plumbing and electrical components. Several U.S. agencies are investigating the drywall and will begin reporting their findings next month. But some home builders have already started replacing the drywall. Fixing the problem is no small task. Redoing the drywall in a home can cost upwards of $100,000. As one homeowner, whose family has suffered health problems, tells the Wall Street Journal: “We will have to either ruin our son’s life by staying, or ruin our credit by walking away from the home.”

The Wall Street Journal

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U.S. homeowners confront a smelly problem

  1. So from "The Great Wall" to the "Internet Wall" and now to "Rotten Egg Drywall" of China! Just stop importing everything from China. Can't Americans manufacture their own drywalls (or for that matter iphones) in their own country, given the present unemployment rate and trade deficit (both rates are much worse than in China). Aren't they never going to learn? The great American Nation should now wake up to the rotten smell of eggs made in China) LOL

    • Gee, don't ya know…free trade, globalization…it's great…a win-win for everybody. Never mind the fact that millions of decent paying jobs have been shipped off to third world hell holes to be done by child slave labour. Never mind that the middle class has been thown overboard so a new class of a couple of hundred billionaires can be created. Never mind that in return we get poisionous food shipped back to us, children's toys full of lead paint and now rotten drywall that has made millions of homes environmental nightmares. Perhaps Gore and Suzuki could tackle some real problems for a change, instead of make believe doomsday senarios. Of course rotten drywall isn't as "sexy" as lonely polar bears and not nearly as good a fund raiser for fleecing gullible fools and cowardly politicians desperate to look "green". What a fricken world!

  2. the makers of the drywall are in a tizzy they are laughing so hard…oops a little too much sulphur for the dry wall recipe!

  3. I entered into a contract with Mayeaux Construction of Covington, Louisiana to construct a new residence for myself and my family. We lost everything as the result of hurricane Katrina, and decided to re-locate to the northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. I purchased this home from Mayeaux Construction in July, 2006. Over the next three years my family (wife and three children under the age of seven) and I suffered numerous health-related issues including, but not limited to, respiratory ailments, dizziness, skin rashes, nosebleeds and chronic fatigue. In addition, numerous electronics/appliances failed (A/C coil three times, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator twice, washing machine, plasma television and doorbell). I advised Phil Mayeaux on June 25, 2009 that I had discovered the presence of Chinese-made drywall in this residence. According to Phil, the Chinese-made drywall must have "slipped through". I have not been contacted by Phil Mayeaux or any other representative of Mayeaux Construction regarding this issue. It appears as if Phil Mayeaux is attempting to shirk responsibility by hiding behind his attorney.