U.S. hospitals worry about cut in funding for the uninsured


President Obama may have considered his health care law a big victory for his administration, but The New York Times reports that it’s putting strains on some of the country’s most troubled hospitals.

Obama’a Affordable Care Act has cut aid used to pay for emergency care for illegal immigrants. The federal government has spent $20 billion annual to reimburse these hospitals, which are usually in poor urban and rural areas. The law will cut that money in half, based on the prospect that fewer people will need the service after the law is put in place.

Still, there are an estimated 11 million uninsured illegal immigrants living in the US.

Regardless of a person’s immigration status or the hospital’s finances, hospitals are required to offer emergency care.

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U.S. hospitals worry about cut in funding for the uninsured

  1. They need to build automatic machine gun turrets along the American boarder like the kind you see in Red Alert.

  2. They obviously need to be asking for proof of citizenship at the hospital.

    Ask any of the border hospitals in Canada about the rampant US abuse of Canadian health care with some estimates of 50,000 health care cards being obtained under fraudulent means.

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