U.S. job growth picks up

The American economy has added jobs for 15 consecutive months and UI claims are dropping


Job growth is accelerating and the unemployment rate shrinking in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal. The U.S. Labor Department monthly report on Friday indicated a rise of 200,000 nonfarm jobs: 212,000 new jobs added in private companies against a loss of 12,000 in the public sector. December’s unemployment rate was 8.5 per cent, its lowest level since November of 2009. While the news is positive, it does not yet indicate a full recovery from recession levels. Overall job gain in 2011 was 1.6 million jobs, for a total of 131.9 million nonfarm jobs. That total is 6.1 million fewer jobs than in January 2008, when the downturn began. There were 13.1 million Americans unemployed in December 2011.

Wall Street Journal


U.S. job growth picks up

  1. You gotta love the timing. Harper says, “We can’t be tied to the US” just as it looks to be picking up some steam again.

    And no, all you Harper humpers, I’m not saying he’s at fault at all.. it just struck me as a funny coincidence. Guy really can’t catch a break, even if he was trying to.

  2. Before all the lefties start with the high fives, read the excellent article “The National Employment Depression Continues” by Jay Cost in this week’s The Weekly Standard. When Obama took over 62.8% of the population was working, now it is at 58.8%. A loss of 4 points is NOT reducing unemployment. The Labor Department report does not take into account all the people that have given up looking as they are not counted as unemployed. I am a 63 yr old manager and was unemployed for a year and a half before I found a job. I worked part time for $10/hr before finally getting full time employment at about 60% of my old salary. Not really a recovery in my books. I pretty much exhausted my savings and now must rebuild. The only thing that is going to spur the economy in this country is the Nov election when we can get rid of this President and his “Big Government” ideas.

    • Because if it wasn’t for Obama the global recession would have just passed you by completely, right?

      Perhaps the reason that you’re working for only 60% of your old salary is because a new employer can pay you what you’re worth, not for your seniority.

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