U.S. magazine encourages boycott of Canadian seafood

“Favorite advertiser,” the U.S. Humane Society, continues to petition to end seal hunting


“I pledge not to buy seafood products produced in Canada—such as snow crabs, cod, scallops, and shrimp—until Canada ends its commercial seal hunt for good,” reads the first paragraph of a petition by the U.S. Humane Society. The petition has been around for over five years and encourages Americans to pledge to not buy Canadian seafood “because it’s working.” Friday, The Nation, which calls itself the “flagship of the left,” published a letter to its readers once again calling attention to the issue, urging them to sign up. “A small group of commercial fishermen in Canada kill seal pups for their fur to a devastating effect. This year, the Canadian government abetted the process by increasing the year’s quota of allowable seal killings.” The letter was signed by Peter Rothberg, associate publisher of The Nation.

The Humane Society

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U.S. magazine encourages boycott of Canadian seafood

  1. Why doe this bother canada? It's about time canada is made to be accountable for its actions. Now if only we can get a US magazine to encourge Americans to boycott Canadian oil.

    • Because libel sucks.

    • "It's about time canada is made to be accountable for its actions."

      That's hilarious coming from an American, with all the things in the world that you should be held accountable for.

    • Idoits like you are what gives the USA a bad name.

  2. The petition has been around for over five years….hmmm dosn't appear to be getting to much support, but then again our scallops are fantastic…

    • hmmm… I think you have something there, around for five years…. I guess it isn't working. Yes, our scallops are fantastic, but PEI mussells are the WORLD's best!

  3. Maybe if we stop killing seals and start killing people in their own countries instead they will lift the ban?

  4. 7 million seals this year, 1.2 million pup born, another great opportunity for PETA, SSCS and other groups to raise money on the "white coat" that is not longer hunted and on the backs of the Canadain Fishermen. You don't see these guy protesting the seal hunt in Namambia!!!! Why, no money in that.!!!!!

  5. Meanwhile, a small group of commercial faux-bourgeoise-populist writers in the United States kills the English language every week and nobody gives a damn!

  6. OMG.. talk about the pot calling the kettle black. When the US is "accountable" for it's actions, then you can talk. Get all your facts straight before you make yourself out to be an idoit.

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