U.S. mayors losing patience with Occupy protests

Oakland police break up protests with tear gas


Some U.S. cities have begun cracking down on the Occupy Wall St.-inspired protests that have spread across the continent. Police in Oakland dispersed protesters late Tuesday by filling the city’s core with tear gas, while officials in San Francisco have warned protesters in a makeshift camp they could be arrested if they don’t leave. Earlier this week, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed ordered police to arrest the dozens of protesters occupying a downtown park. In Democratic-leaning Chicago, meanwhile, the Occupy protesters have requested 24-hour access to Grant Park and demanded that charges be dropped against the more than 300 protesters arrested there in the past weeks.

The New York Times

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U.S. mayors losing patience with Occupy protests

  1. What do these mayors have against the First Amendment right of the citizens to peaceably assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances?

    You would think elected officials would be supportive of the Constitution, and you would be wrong.

    • The trouble is the protesters are interfering with the public’s right to use public spaces.  No one has the right to interfere with the rights of others.

      In Calgary the “occupiers” have taken over Olympic Plaza, damaged public property, and refused to leave, even though other groups have been scheduled to use the Plaza for their events.

      • The protesters ARE the public, and they are using their own public spaces.

        They have not damaged public property at Olympic Plaza. That’s a corporate news media fabrication. Residue from duct tape is hardly “damage”. Those other public groups will just have to find another public venue. There’s quite a number of them.

      • You know what? I totally agree with you. No one has the right to interfere with the rights of others. However, the protesters are against that also, which is WHY they’re protesting……If we allow the bankers to get away with this, not only will there be no rights for anyone, but there will neither be any schedules for any Plaza, so people can jostle in line and feel important. THIS really is the only “event” worth talking about, it takes precedence,  because if this goes down badly, all other events will pale in comparison, rendered obsolete.

  2. Americans losing patience with Mayors.

    • I support the protesters who have found their voice and I hope they
      will not lose hope and that they will not be shut up.

      The time of politicians in the pocket of the corrupt
      few is ending, and in its place we are building real democracies, of, by, and
      for people.

  3. The first thing is when you look at the Mayors, they are a bunch of crooks.  In particular, Michael Bloomberg made his fortune by providing Bloomberg terminals, essentially insider trading terminals for sale to brokerage houses.  The guy is a consummate criminal and crook.  In fact, his fortune virtually derives from the crony capitalist and insider trading system that is now being attacked for the unscrupulous and illegal system that it is.  

    • Bloomberg makes in an hour what #OWS raised in a month.

      And when I say makes, I don’t mean declared income. I mean his net increase in wealth, which is around a BILLION $ a year, yet he pays only $500,000 a year in taxes, an effective rate of 0.05%

      He, and many others, use their offices to directly increase their own personal wealth.
      Most politicians just steal the old-fashion way, through bribes and bogus foundations set up by a spouse.

  4. Remember Folks, its not who votes that counts, but rather who counts the votes! — Attributed to Josef (Djugasvili) Stalin.

  5. It’s obvious who’s interests these “mayors” are protecting.  It’s certainly not the people who voted them into office.


  6. I agree with Rivero. Why should anyone care what the mayors think? They have no standing. Most of them were and are party to the corruption and incompetence that has brought the U.S. to the brink of ruin

    • ” They have no standing.”?

      Only the fact that they were democratically elected.

      • …by a minority.

        • Hah, by people who bother to show up for the vote.

  7. Most mayors are in the pockets of the developers and fake estate agents, who were a huge part of our current economic mess.  They spend most of their time trying to arrange tax supported giveaways to fake estate speculators, most of whom vote republicon and whine about big government.  They do not give a damn about people.

  8. “When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.” — John F. Kennedy

  9. Let me fix that for ya:

    US Citizens losing patience with Corporatist Government.

    There, now its more accurate.

  10. I believe the real issue is the total and complete attempt to ignore the fact that crimes have been committed that have absolutely destroyed economies worldwide.  Instead of being grown men, and addressing the issues, they continue to make attempts to silence their suffering.  Millions of Americans all across this country were thrown out of their homes due to fraud.  The VERY LEAST we could do is a allow them to gather together peacefully and have their voice be heard.  Sure would be nice if we had LEADERSHIP that had the courage to address the crimes that have been committed.  Selling bundled loans as “triple A status” to innocent investors, that they KNEW was toxic debt is a crime.  Then using 5 lobbyists for each Senator and Congressman to bribe them to make tax payers pay for it was yet another crime.  I am afraid to say this, but if we allow these crimes to go without jail time, America is now a banana republic.  He who has the money buys the law. 

  11. What we are seeing here is the the withdrawal  of consent to be governed under the present oligarchical system.
    The clowns who support the oligarchs will not do well.

  12. Somebody tell the “occupier” deadbeats to get off their asses, look for work, grow up, and move out of mom and dad’s house.

    • Lots of moms and dads at the occupy protests. Sorry to burst your stereotype bubble.

      • According to an article in the Calgary Herald yesterday, the occupiers in Calgary are overwhelmingly homeless people who don’t want to go to shelters.  They have done $40K in damage to the plaza they are occupying and their is a non profit Muslim group who has a celebration booked for the space….

        • Protests are inconvenient. Democracy is messy.

  13. I’m a municipal voter and taxpayer….I WANT my mayor to grow a pair and evict these childish brats. They are damaging the very public property MY TAXES paid for, and that I will now have to pay to repair.  Thanks a lot, jerks. If you were gainfully employed, or at least trying to be, you wouldn’t have time to sit around camping and vandalizing all day.

    Newsflash:  THE WORLD DOES NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING!  Go out and try to find legitimate employment like the rest of us.  No one ever gave me a “free lunch.”  What I achieved, I did with hard work and perseverance.

    Luckily, and despite what the “occupiers” think they know or want, and despite socialists’ best efforts, we still live in a system where work is rewarded.  I’d like to keep it that way.  There is no perfect system, but the capitalist democracy is the best way for the ordinary person to have some access to wealth generation and self determination.

  14. These “occupiers” and their supporters need to grow up and learn how to be responsible adults.

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