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U.S. media positioning Marco Rubio as the new Sarah Palin


Watching Sarah Palin trying to fit into her role as vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 American presidential election was pretty much like watching a train wreck. Palin has, to many people’s relief, all but faded out of the political scene by now. But she could be crawling back into the conversation: As Mitt Romney finally emerges as this year’s Republican presidential nominee, rumours abound that he might select Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his running mate. That has prompted Slate and CBS, among others, to wonder if Rubio this election’s Sarah Palin.

Rubio is popular, apparently a relentless worker, young, and good looking. So far, the comparison stands. Other similarities are not as positive.

From Slate:

Mitt Romney is the candidate of executive experience. It’s not just that he was a “business guy” for 25 years. He was a business guy who made tough decisions. (…)

Romney’s key critique of President Obama is that he lacks such experience. In evaluating possible veeps, Romney has said, above all else, he wants to pick someone who can step into the job if necessary. That means Romney’s No. 2 must have the same kind of experience—or at least some of it. Maybe just a hint? A thimble? Marco Rubio, at age 40, has none. (Unless someone counts two years as a part-time city commissioner.)

Slate goes on to suggest that Romney should “resist the temptation” of selecting Rubio. Whether the candidate would take advice from the Liberal media outlets that have joined such calls remains to be seen. But at least one prominent Republican seems to agree with them.

Dick Cheney said earlier this week about selecting a good running mate: (Still from Slate.)

“The single most important criteria has to be the capacity to be president.” Cheney said “talking heads” will call for a vice presidential candidate who’s a woman, Hispanic, or who is from a “big state.” “Those are interesting things to speculate about …. It’s pretty rare that the election turns on those kinds of issues.”

Cheney could be rooting for another vice-presidential pick said to be among the suggestions: former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice.


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U.S. media positioning Marco Rubio as the new Sarah Palin

  1. What snarky article from someones anchor baby. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.

  2. Um. He was the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives for four years and a representative for 10. He has a law degree. You don’t get elected Speaker without displaying considerable knowledge and political skills. Palin, meanwhile, was a Mayor, Oil and Gas Commissioner, business owner, journalist and reforming Governor of a hugely diverse and important state. She got Quayled by the Beltway Clique and driven from office by an organized leftist campaign to bankrupts and silence her. Both Rubio and Palin know more about how America works and how to work with political opposition than that product of the one-party Chicago Machine, Barack Obama. More sloppy work from the msm,

  3. So taking John McCain from 11 points down to 5 points up in less than a month, and becoming the single most influental Republican in the US is, to you, a “train wreck”. I suggest to you Ms Perdomo that you don’t know what you’re talking about. And by the way, Marco Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen per the US Constitution. You do know what a constitution is don’t you? Oops, I forgot you’re still a SUBJECT of the Queen!