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U.S. National Transportation Safety Board wants to dump BlackBerry


The National Transportation Safety Board is the latest in a number American government departments to announce plans to dump the BlackBerry, or at least to look to other providers.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Transportation Safety Board posted a notice of intent to a federal website last week, saying that it was looking to make the switch to the iPhone 5 due to reliability issues with the Research In Motion product.

The notice said that the BlackBerry has been “failing both at inopportune times and at an unacceptable rate.”

The Transportation Safety Board’s decision follows the U.S. Military’s decision to move away from the BlackBerry.

All this comes as RIM stock got a slight boost on Tuesday after Jeffries & Co. analyst Peter Jeffries released a report giving RIM a 20-30 per cent of success when it releases its long-delayed BlackBerry 10 on Jan. 30. While those odds still aren’t great, it was an upgrade from his earlier estimation of a 10-20 per cent chance.

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U.S. National Transportation Safety Board wants to dump BlackBerry

  1. 9 Out of 10 failures on a Blackberry can be cured by a battery pull. Is it possible the people in charge of our safety just don’t know this?.

    • True, but I have my Blackberry in a case. I have to remove the case, pull battery, and let it reboot. It is a 5 minute process which seems like an eternity when you have to make an important call.

      Even worse when the phone is not being used and you don’t know it is locked up and you miss important email/text/phone call

      • check your OS levels an updates.. My phone doesnt just randomly lock

  2. Iphones aren’t as reliable as Apple would like everyone to believe. My sisters iphone crashed during an app install, it was so bad she had completely restart from scratch. She lost all information on it. Also, I’d be very concerned the military would be depending on an iphone for highly sensitive information, and using the new map application to find anything!

  3. So they’re replacing the BB with the map challenged iPhone??? this is transportation, right? This isn’t the department of hipsters… why are they going with a phone that can’t figure out where anything is?