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U.S. obesity rate expected to hit 42 per cent

New prediction contradicts experts who say obesity rate peaked at 34 per cent


Harvard University researchers expect Americans to keep getting fatter until 42 per cent of the country is obese, Reuters reports, even though other experts predicted the obesity rate had peaked at 34 per cent of the population. Those same researchers reported in 2007 that if someone’s friend became obese, the person’s chance of becoming obese increases by more than half, and they think that phenomenon is driving the obesity epidemic. In the study, the team found that an American adult had a 2 per cent chance of becoming obese any given year; each social contact with an obese person increases the risk of becoming obese by 0.5 per cent every year. But befriending thin people doesn’t seem to make someone lose weight.


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U.S. obesity rate expected to hit 42 per cent

  1. For those who have weight problem, try to visit countries that are overly humid and warm. The longer you stay, the more weight you shed ( as long as one stays away from air conditioned places).

    • I would have to dissagree. Australia is right up there on the 'fat countries' list.

      • Probably because they are mostly staying and working inside airconditioned building?

  2. Not all conservatives are fat people, but almost all fat people are conservative? The rise of the tea party and republican fortunes support these new statistics. Look at Harper's profile and I am not referring to his nose.

    • two words to refute your claim, Bill Clinton hahah ..well he is looking thin now that he has been ill and is now on a vegan diet

      • oh and Al Gore and Michael Moore ain't no skinny minnies

        • so you missed the almost bit, reading is tough but it was only 3 sentences.

  3. What if my friend has an average sized upper torso, but her ass is enormous? Will I become obese, or just an ass?