U.S. opens special review on Keystone pipeline

Final decision on the line could slip into 2012 or later


The U.S. State Department’s inspector general will review the department’s evaluation of a proposed $7 billion pipeline to transport oil sands from western Canada to Texas, Reuters reports. The announcement came after 13 Democratic lawmakers and one independent expressed concern that a company the State Department hired to investigate the potential environmental impact of the project had financial ties to TransCanada, the proponent of the Keystone XL pipeline. The State Department’s “special review” could push the final decision on the line into 2012 or later.



U.S. opens special review on Keystone pipeline

  1. obama does not care about the working class. environmentalists think money grows on trees( taxpayer) is every one else

  2. The Keystone pipeline should not go through. When are we going to quit giving our jobs and and resources to other countries? The oil belongs to Canadians and if it is going to be upgraded or refined it should be done in Canada and keep the jobs here not create jobs in the US.

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