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U.S. partially cuts off Pakistan

Pentagon announces decision to withhold $800 million in military aid


Pakistan’s balance sheet will be short $800 million after the U.S. decided to suspend military aid payments to the country. The relationship between Pakistan and the U.S. has been steadily deteriorating for months, reaching a new low point after the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Over the past 10 weeks, Pakistani authorities have arrested an army major on charges he helped the CIA find bin Laden and expelled more than 100 U.S. military personnel. According to the New York Times, the deferred money represents more than a third of the $2 billion in miltary aid the U.S. sends Pakistan. About $300 million of the funds were earmarked to pay for patrols along the Afghan border.


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U.S. partially cuts off Pakistan

  1. The Americans are finally on the right track.  But they have to recognize that when tens of billions of dollars failed to buy cooperation from the Pakistanis, cutting of aid would not either. Therefor the Americans have to followup their aid cut with more punitive measures in future if needed.

  2. On the face of it, this makes total sense. I just can’t shake the feeling that this is the start of something bad. . .

    • The “start” of something “bad”?!?? The START!? :-O

      • Okay. The start of something much worse.

  3. that’s because american economy is running out of funds itself so how can they continue their staged war on terror. apart from this a huge pile of chinese debts is circling around their heads and they find no way to get out of it easily. there are rumors that american public is outraged at obama for the austerity measures taken to prevent economic disasters are meaningless and that aid to pakistan must be stopped.
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    • You can complain, criticize, point your finger and blame anything you want as much as you want. It does not change the fact that this was looooooooooong overdue! Pakistan was already working towards an implosion. Time to ask your Chinese buddies for help!!