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U.S. wants Canada to stay in Afghanistan

Clinton would “like to see some form of support continue”


“We would obviously like to see some form of support continue, because the Canadian Forces have a great reputation, they work really well with our American troops and the other members of our coalition,” said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an interview on CTV’s Power Play. “Obviously it’s up for Canada to decide the way forward, but we certainly hope there will be some continuing connection and visible support because we’ve all learned so much.” Clinton did not say, however, whether a formal request to extend the mission would be made to the Canadian government, but did speculate on the nature of the involvement: “There’s all kinds of things that are possible. The military could slip more into a training role than into a combat role.” Last week, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon confirmed that Canada’s combat role in Afghanistan will end in 2011. “Our military mission will end in 2011 as we’ve indicated in the speech from the throne,” he told the House of Commons.

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U.S. wants Canada to stay in Afghanistan

  1. As long as the main Military combat mision is over in 2011 of course we should have a few troops there to help wtith Training and re-building BUT no more main combat mission we have done our part for NATO .. case closed …

    • I agree with you, but our Combat Mission might not be over by 2011. A lot can happen between now and then. Let's hope it all goes as planned!

    • …BUT no more main combat mission…

      Interesting that we shouldn't ask our soldiers to fight when a large part of soldiering is fighting. In wars! Maybe after this we should get rid of the military since there's no point in having one if we're not going to fight in wars. Maybe after this we will join hands with the Taliban and go skipping through an Afghan meadow with peaceniks merrily playing harps and flutes and singing joyous songs written by clueless tree huggers from Toronto or Vancouver.

      Soldiers who don't fight. Truly brilliant.

      • The purpose of a military is to defend its country against invasion, not to police the world. WWII was the last war in which Canada should have been involved.

  2. What a great compliment to our men and women in the armed forces. They should be proud of what they've been able to accomplish.

    • Yes, a compliment well deserved!

  3. Canadian troops should NOT have been shipped there to begin with. All troops should be brought home immediately. Enough of this billion dollar per year waste of taxpayer's dollars. All aide should also be stopped, TOO. Since the war was started because the Taliban would not sign a contract with the US OIL Corp. then we have NO business being there. Al Qaeda has long since moved, elsewhere. If you support the war, then donate your personal money, taxes should NOT be wasted on Afghanistan.

  4. Out totally for good !!!!! Enough of wasting assets, money and lives for a lost cause.