UAE says it campaigned against Canada at UN -

UAE says it campaigned against Canada at UN

Opposition to Canada’s Security Council bid rooted in trade policy, support for Israel


A United Arab Emirates official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has revealed that his country lobbied against Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat. The revelation is the latest blow to relations between the two countries, which have soured over a dispute about airline landing rights. (Canada recently refused to allow more flights for the fast-growing carriers Emirates and Etihad, prompting the government in Abu Dhabi to retaliate by forcing Canada to leave a military base used to supply Canadian forces in Afghanistan.) The UAE official claims the opposition was based on Canada’s “protectionist” trade policies and perceptions that Ottawa does not sufficiently support Arab causes, including efforts to ease the Israeli restrictions on Palestinians in Gaza. While it’s unclear how much the UAE could have swayed UN sentiments against Canada, the country carries influence because of extensive international business ties.

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UAE says it campaigned against Canada at UN

  1. Remarks gonna be interesting on this one. The anti-right, anti-Israeli crowd are gonna slither out from under their rocks to scream and hiss. While I would like an airline, any airline to take the place of AC I believe our government is right not bowing to these people. Europe has fought them as well but that won't matter to said left wing crowd. A very complicated issue, Israelis' insistence on bulding more and more settlements makes it harder to defend their policies. Can't you just smell something coming…

    • Believe it or not, a lot of us lefties that apparently are slithering out from under are rocks are in agreement that the government did the right thing in not bowing to stupid demands. All this shows is the UAE chose to act in an immature way for a country where we proved we won't be pushed around.

      We do need more airlines than Air Canada (or at least Air Canada seriously need to drop their prices) but gaining airlines so that we would obtain a UN seat is ridiculous.

  2. But surely the UAE foreign policy is just the puppet of Michael Ignatieff – everyone of Canada's failures is still his fault.

  3. No surprise. I'm sure the rest of the Arab members voted with them as well.

  4. Listen you anti-Islamic morons! Get a life actually read a book and know what the hell you are talking about! First of all in the Middle East not everyone is Arab! Persians are NOT Arab, and many who are Arabs are NOT Muslim! There are Arab-Christians know as Chaldean s in Iraq, Zoroastarians and so on!

    • Asores writes : First of all, in the middle East not everyone is Arab….O.K, so now that we have established that ,your point is…what ?….just wondering.

    • I have to agree with True North, what is it you are trying to refer too? Is it because of the comments people are making? Because I can't fathom how your response relates to the article at hand. Maybe a better explanation might make for better discussion.

  5. Can someone please tell me…was it the Federal Government or the GTAA who is restricting landing access…and in either case, why would they possibly want to do that??? I'm not saying they should cave now…but why did this happen in the first place?

  6. "Ottawa does not sufficiently support Arab causes"

    Canada through Harper shows itself not to be as dhimmi as some other Western counterparts and the UAE throws a fit. Honestly, who cares? The Arab causes I can think of consist of abuse of human rights, slaughter of protestors, stoning of women, and a complete lack of anything scientific or artful emerging from its depths. When the Arab world decides to put away the holy book and pick up a biology text maybe they can be proffered a modicum of respect. Until then, let the bullies rail.

  7. Harper is a dufus

    • Harper is a disgrace to our country. He even secretly signed an agreement with Israel in August 2009 to be their ears and eyes in Venezuela following their expulsion from that country. Canadians never gave Harper a mandate to side with Israeli zionist who've been trampling on Palestinians, locking them in camps and stealing their land for the past 60 years

      • There was never any "secret deal". When Venezuela expelled its Israeli diplomat after the break out of the fighting, Canada became the go between for Israeli citizens in Venezuela and Israel, it never had anything to do with spying and it was also confirmed by Peter Kent, the Minister of State for Latin America.

        Countries will do this all the time for each other. If there is no Canadian embassy, you go to the British. If for some reason there is no British, you go to the American.

  8. If the price is questionable back room deals that don't benefit the country, then yes, it is.

  9. Considering your comment, I'd vote for him before I'd vote for you.

  10. So let me get it right, if we are willing to sell and stab our allies and friends at the back in favor for their causes, then we will have the spot light at UN? Wow, I wonder if color red on red really looks good on us? Is that an image and luster we are aiming for? I would have liked to have a healthy international airline competition but not at any price. UAE have caused problems with other airline industries in Australia and Europe, I would rather have other airlines compete in Canada. If UAE is serious in healthy competition, then negotiate this deal with reciprocal trade concessions, not blackmail.

  11. …and that is the ilk of the majority in that "august(?) UN group.

  12. Wow, Canada denies a few planes from landing but they have no problem letting boatloads of illegal refugees land.

  13. "so as to unfairly compete at countries where they are given landing rights?"

    And before you know it, they will have taken us over and we would be bowing down to their God and we would have Sharia imposed on us…….No thanks. I am proud of our Prime Minister for having the guts to put these freaks in place.

  14. I am proud that our Prime Minister did not give in to these sickos.
    I think we should have great concerns about some of the Politicians we employ and their views with regards to people / countries who are intentionally doing harm to Canada.
    Maybe it is time to elect MP's in this country who stand uf for this Country and not with the enemy.
    I think we should also post a list of the MP's who's loyalty we are suspicious of and oust them in the next exection.
    I also think we should put a damper on the Arabs and Muslims entering this country, they do not fit in here… Germany has recognized.