UBC professor to Harper: Your drug laws stink

“Drug supply and use has been unaffected”


Stephen Harper’s drugs laws are antiquated, counterproductive and harmful to Canadian society, says Evan Wood, a professor at the University of British Columbia. Wood used 900 words in the Vancouver Sun to excoriate the Harper government’s hard line approach to drug-related crime, suggesting it has done nothing to curb the abundance and availability of drugs in the country. “Under the Tories, arrests for drugs, particularly the possession of marijuana, have increased, while drug supply and use has been unaffected,” Evan writes. He suggests Harper’s drug policy may actually be responsible for the escalating drug-related violence in several Canada’s cities.

The Vancouver Sun

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UBC professor to Harper: Your drug laws stink

  1. You will never see a cease in illicit drugs as long as their illegal. Now if you sort of know your stuff, you’ll know alot of government covert operations have been and likely still are ongoing all over the world with drug money. Oh well the sheeople may believe one day how evil and dark their governments move behind their backs and the media put on the show for extra distraction. Thx.

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  3. Watching the Conservatives in action for so long has made me cynical. My first thought when I read this: the Conservatives’ drug crime laws are intended to make the Conservatives seem tough on crime, not actually solve the problem of drug crime.

    This may be too harsh – I suspect that they genuinely think that harsh punishment is the best approach, even though the evidence shows that this doesn’t work.

  4. The Conservatives do not impliment bills based on evidence they do it based on ideology. Conservatives are no different than those same supports of the now defunct Bush Republicans that would ban things like stem cell research because it offends their religious base.

    No, the Conservatives under Harper march to an idealogical drum that will hurt society in the long run and make any progress we should be able to make in areas such as crime prevention, poverty, and ecological improvements that much harder to achieve.

    Unfortunately it will take Canadians time to realize that Harper, the emperor, “has no clothes” and that the policies they are putting in place are two steps backwards for every step forward we try to make!

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