UFOs over Montreal?

Witnesses agree sighting was “out of this world” but police point to helicopters


Mysterious objects in the sky in Montreal have led people to believe there was a visit to the city by UFOs. Among the witnesses was a Montreal doctor, Cleve Ziegler, who believes he saw something “out of this world” in the strange blinking lights hovering high in the sky. He said, “There were many little sparkly red and blue lights. It had a changing shape, morphing from something that looked triangular to something that looked like a trapezoid. It was not a stable shape.” Others said they saw the same thing, and several even called the police to report the mysterious sight. But Const. Daniel Lacoursière said Trudeau Airport reported nothing on the radar in that area and suggested that around that time, helicopters were buzzing around the site of a fuel spill at the Port of Montreal.

CBC News

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UFOs over Montreal?

      • Hey, you just never know …coincedence ?? Maybe..Maybe not….

  1. Must be some crazy Quebecer conspiracy !!!

  2. if i had just travelled 20 light years to get here, the last place i'd choose to visit is montreal.

    maybe it was the glow of anger from montreal's mafia over the macleans articles of the last week.

  3. cool, that's one other attraction that Montreal can offer. Welcome UFOs!!

  4. No wonder the spill took so long to clean-up.

    They started at Cavendish Mall.

  5. when i was going to mcgill 15 yrs ago, my boyfriend and i were lying out on the grass in some small park just off of rue st. catherine…it was dusk, a beautiful, clear late-autumn night (around this time of year i think), and we saw the very same thing: darting patterns of light, usually in a triangular format, but sometimes coming apart, shooting off in different directions, then coming together again where it would just sort of hover in a triangular pattern, then kind of pop out of the sky and come closer. i don't remember coloured lights, though…these were all white.
    it made no sense and as much logic and cynicism we (and others in the park) tried applying to the situation, it was very otherworldy… and we were definitely both spooked and in awe. it just sort of "felt" different.

    • Alien sex researchers probably.

    • Thank your lucky stars you didn't get beamed up for the anal probe.

  6. A UFO over the Quebec province? That's impossible unless it's a corrupted UFO.
    THe UFO will be contaminated, it's in our gene!

  7. 1. There has been mention of someone flying a kite with lights on it, which may explain the triangular shape of the lights seen in the sky. (Does anyone actually do this? Are there many midnight-kite enthusiasts?)

    2. The other point mentioned was about helicopters over an oil spill. Would this account for the triangular pattern of the lights an there erradic behaviour?

    3. The airport radars didn't pick up anything. Either these visitors have developped some form of teleportation-to-erratic-hovering device (their technoogy is advanced enough to go un-noticed on a radar, but they can`t achieve stability when hovering) or these light were from something that never achieved any notable altitude (such as a kite) or had no mass (lasers or lights projected from the ground).


  8. Je suis de Vaudreuil-sur-le-lac. Le 29 spetembre 20l0, entre 9:oo et 9:15 heure, mon mari et moi avons vu une lumière dans le ciel. Une sorte de lumière diffuse avec des reflets bleutés, rosés, au centre. Je suis sortie dehors examiner la situation. La lumière (genre de nuage blanchâtre) faisait des cercles au-dessus de la maison. Quand je suis sortie, elle est venue se poser au-dessus de moi. J'ai crié à mon mari: Regarde, elle reste stable au-dessus de ma tête. J'ai couru dans le stationnement pour voir si elle me suivrait et immédiatement elle est réapparue au-dessus de ma tête. Ce qui est étrange, je n'ai pas vu sa trajectoire pour se rendre à moi. J'ai refait le test 4 fois et ce fut toujours le même résultat, puis elle a disparu. Il n'y avait aucun bruit lors de l'observation et pas de senteur.

  9. ufos are as common as the planes above us- defence minister of canada