Ugandan newspaper calls for hanging of gays -

Ugandan newspaper calls for hanging of gays

Managing editor says journalists’ duty is to “expose the evil in our society”


Human rights activists are warning that the lives of gay people in Uganda are in danger after Rolling Stone, a local newspaper, published a story featuring the names and photographs of 100 homosexuals under the headline: “Hang Them.” At least one woman named in the story has been forced to leave her home, while others have reported verbal abuse. The article appeared earlier this month following the first anniversary of the introduction to parliament of a controversial anti-homosexuality bill that calls for the death penalty for those convicted of repeated same-sex relations. Gay activists in the county are saying the legislation has inspired hate speech and created a climate of fear among homosexuals. Giles Muhame, the managing editor of the newspaper, defended the story, saying it was his duty as a journalist to “expose the evil in our society”.

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Ugandan newspaper calls for hanging of gays

  1. Goes to show how pathetically ridiculous the politically correct element in our society looks whining about the most trivial of things while the world has to deal with real issues like this. It is OK here to mock Chrisitans but, boy, don't insult Muslims or all hell breaks out. It is OK to beat women as long as it over over 'there' but, boy, don't insult Muslims. Common sense, where are you???

    • Unfortunatelly it's true.
      Common sense is replaced by brainwashed multi-culti post-trudeaupian ideology.

    • Uh, you can defend Muslims from smears of all being terrorists AND defend gays against being hanged at the same time. Chew gum and walk much Roy?

  2. Let's see Uganda…this is a country that is on the U.N. security council, a body that Canada was not good enough to be on. Also that "showcase" state Nigeria meets the standards of the U.N. Time for Canada, the States and other Western democracies to stop funding this farce and resign from it. What a joke.

    • Or better yet, start fixing the problems within Canada that are making us the joke to the rest of the members. Of course, it will definitely be easier to just back off, eh!

      • Yes Eddie. We are so much worse than Uganda. (rolls eyes)

        • you can roll your eyes as much as you want. that does not help the situation. but you already knew that right!? All that bulls*** about equal opportunity and stuff. They made the bid, they got through. We made the bid and did not. If Canada did not meet "the standards" as opposed to Nigeria and Uganda, should you ask what went wrong and work on fixing it or just roll your eyes and walk away!? We consider ourselves to be so wonderful! well, are we!?

  3. Wasn't that many years ago that Uganda's head guru Idi Amin awoke from a dream that led him to slaughter tens of thousands of his own people.
    I guess Giles Muhame's had a similar epiphany moment?
    Here's a journalistic flash Giles: This particular stance of yours is not likely to win friends, influence people, or draw much needed and sought after tourism into your backyard is it?

  4. I suppose the article fails to mention it because, oh, maybe, there isn't a shred of evidence that your nonsense is actually true?

    • Apparently its working and nobody is complaining? Probably catching on. A Closet looks awful good.

  5. FOR SALE: Registered trademark of "Kampala Pride Parade." 50 cents OBO.

    • Stay classy.

  6. Third world slum will stay a third world slum no matter how much money we waste on "humanitarian aid" sent to hose places.

    I'd like to see now all those hot-head gay-rights-activists that protest against hanging ppl in Uganda.
    Where are you activists, heh?

    I guess none of them even burb a world of protest because Uganda is: too far, to dangerious, to…put here any custom excuse.
    It is much easier to scream here in Canada and demand more and more privilages. Similar situation is with so called "woman-rights activists" that love to scream about equility here in western world but they never say anything against stoning and raping woman in mid-east muslim places.
    There is no common sense here, there is only a sick political correctness that is driven by post-trudeaupian ideology and multiculturalism.

    • Yes, the world is a zero-sum game. In order to prevent Ugandan gays from being killed, I should, say, give up my right to marry here. Or maybe to prevent a beheading in Saudi Arabia, I ought to be arrested for kissing my boyfriend in public. Your logic is im-bloody-pecable.

      • Marry for what? Kissing your boyfriend in public? Is that all your good for? What keeps a useless outfit like that from dying out? Are we normals feeding your obvious skewered appetite in some way? What way. I bet you know more then you ever tell? Like when does your abnormal mommy love start and why. The homosexual defect can't be that complicated to figure out.

        • iliminator you write,,When does your ''abnormal'' mommy love start?…Your ''' Homosexual defect .''' What is it you want to accomplish by making Ignorant comments like these ? You certainly are not bringing anything of importance to this discussion, just spewing Homophobic comments , why don't you ask your Mom to re-new your X-Box Live account and go and play there, and leave the Adults alone o.k.?

          • You don like to read anything on the origin of homosexuals? You just want me to talk nice about your kind? That probably work in some places, bath houses, parks. Seems with the disappearance of your obviously phony support, tis you, not I, that better be nice, eh? lol
            You wouldn't like google. Seems a lot of you, "adults", do a lot of whining. Uganda is an English speaking Country. They are not stupid!

        • ? That bunch of incoherence was actually kind of entertaining, so thanks, I guess.

          • Wasn't my best work, but your welcome.

          • Now lets see, your best work! If your looking for pattypats. lol

          • I was replying to iliminator– I quite agreed with your assessment True North.

          • Glad you liked it, Thankyou…..

  7. better send j baird and j kenny to Uganda to find out what's going on

    • Not a bad idea, if the rest of the flock would follow, wagging their tails behind them! Isolation the only solution to this mutation.

  8. Savages.

    • yeah!! them bastards are actually taking action rather than bending over and getting screwed left, right, middle and sideways, eh!! bloody savages!!!!!!

      • Bending over and getting screwed? Your misplaced anger pegs you as a closet homosexual yourself there Eddie.

        • Oh. I thought he was just strange.

        • U r experienced in these matters, yes? I wish i was a homosexual too! i could bitch and moan and get everything i wanted anytime i wanted. unfortunately, i have to work hard coz i am not homosexual. i have to struggle to get what little i can, pay for the rest of you to spite me as and when you please. Among you kind, i am definitely strange. you should be happy i can't call you the same way.

          • Yes, you're quite right. I have special "homo-welfare" payments that allow me to not work. When I go the store, I say "I'm gay" and I get everything free without paying. Let's see, what else… oh yeah, when I go to vote, I get 10 ballots to fill out and put in the box in stead of the measly 1 you lamo straights get. And I look fabulous doing all this.

            What resentful world do you live in where equal rights are a net loss to you? You're a Rob Ford voter aren't you? The idea that rights for minorities mean a loss for straight white males is a result of a lack of real thinking.

          • resentful!? we both live in the same country. we both have the same rights. yet you never have enough rights. and you HAVE TO, ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO rub your ideas in my face EVERY opportunity you get, and if i say ,"Leave me alone!" or "Get out of my face!" I am bigot, resentful or anyother such adjective you want to call me, eh? and i have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to speak against such unwanted thoughts and ideas!? you don't like the fact that i want to be able to abuse you as freely as you can abuse me. WOW!! and I live in a resentful world!

          • You freely came to a forum discussing how a newspaper advocates the killing of people for being gay. Please explain where I'm rubbing anything in your face.

      • Do tell Eddie, how many other ways to you get it?

        • you first.

  9. Just another reason why western culture is first and best.

  10. You're absolutely right.

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