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Well, here’s the latest McCain ad.


(Official translation here.)

There’s not much to say about the candidate’s increasingly surreal ads at this point, except that now I can hardly wait to see the next one. Will it be in Morse code? Will he bite the heads off chickens? Premiere a new string quartet? Truly, where McCain and his ad team are concerned, anything is possible.

But maybe that’s it! Assume, for the sake of argument, there is method here and not just madness. Could it be that McCain wants to hammer home the idea that Obama is leadenly conventional by turning his own campaign into a Dadaist arts festival? Dieter! Dieter! Distribute the 3-D glasses and the whipped cream! We have an election to win!

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Uh… uh…

  1. Oh my.

    I fear for your health,Mr. Wells.
    Watching that can’t be good for you.
    It’s Saturday night. Find someone to hug
    and stop doing this to yourself.

    It’s August. We can only hope that most
    sensible Americans are giving this the
    attention it deserves.

  2. The Republicans reaching out to the Latino segment? That’s rather rich. Vote for us and we won’t not probably will consider not deporting you maybe.

  3. The ads do look pretty weird. However I worked in the US for several years and have learned that they are a different tribe.

    “Liberal” is a dirty word down there, and if you can successfully label an opponent a “liberal” or “not one of us” you have have touched a nerve. You have raised the hackles of conservatives, and put liberals on the defensive.

    I don’t think it will work, but never underestimate American conservatism.

  4. Those drums and maracas are the equivalent of an ad designed to appeal to Quebecers showing people eating poutine and quaffing large amounts of pepsi.

  5. …while smoking….the drums are ridiculous!

  6. While watching this, I thought of this McCain quote I read from ABC news tonight;

    “You know, a few days ago, Sen. Obama said he challenged me to a duel,” McCain said. “I’m for the light sabers as weapons of choice.”

    Maybe I should be doing something better with my time.

  7. Was that really a “Latin” beat? It sounded like somebody’s drum machine c. 1988. Juxtaposed with the clips and the text, though, it was trippy. I agree with Mr. Wells: who ever said the avant-garde was dead? McCain may be the first “objet trouvé” candidate. Peace out.

  8. Clinton had a lot of support in the Latino community. He’s probably trying to prevent it from transferring to Obama. Lame attempt.

    He should just over-dub Kanye standing next to an extremely uncomfortable Mike Meyers: “[Obama] doesn’t care about [latino] people.” It wouldn’t make any more sense, but at least we’d get to see that look on Mike’s face again.

  9. Just watching it for the third time and I have to say that John McCain’s little schtick at the end is the stroke of GENIUS.

  10. Immigration issues have an interesting dynamic in the U.S. McCain’s opinions about immigration are one of the main problems between him and the Republican base. McCain is much more liberal on the issue than the base, that’s for sure.

    However, there is tension between the black and hispanic communities. As well, many legal hispanics don’t appreciate the illegal ones sullying the image of all latinos.

    So McCain has to walk a fine line between not pissing off republican base too much and trying to court hispanic vote that aren’t naturally democrat.

    As an aside, the ad taught me a new word. Apparently ‘chyron’ means text-based video graphic.

  11. Marshall McLuhan

  12. I haven’t seen the ad yet on TV. However, if the “I am John McCain and I endorse this message” part isn’t captioned, for those who don’t speak English well or who rely on text-based communication, maybe one could argue he is in favour of all those nasty things of which he is accusing Obama???

  13. Don’t quite understand the big deal over this one. Then again, I guess I didn’t understand the big deal over Britney Spears or Moses. I guess John McCain isn’t allowed to attack the precious one — for anything.

  14. It’s true. A conservative can’t even run for president without being demonized.

  15. Obama and McCain have obviously ceded the East Indian vote to Nader.

  16. What are the chances John McCain can say “I’m John McCain and I approve this message” in Spanish?

  17. or in Latin.

  18. Mike,
    Everyone knows good Americans don’t speak other languages – look at how Obama got attacked for printing his poster in Berlin IN GERMAN!

  19. I can’t wait for McCain to promise to drill for oil on the White House lawn. Don’t laugh, his “energy policy” seems to have struck a chord. God promised Americans cheap gas and John McCain is going to keep that promise.

  20. Admittedly I can’t hear the sound but it seems like a smart enough ad:

    1. McCain has some pretty liberal and reasoned cred on immigration issues.
    2. Hispanics are a massive ethnic bloc in the U.S. and were one of the lynchpins to Bush’s successful campaigns.

    The text and visuals (again, maybe the ‘drums’ renders serious analysis pointless) all seem to point to the idea that Obama doesn’t have Latinos front of mind and support the notion that he is detached from the lives of average Americans (including hispanic voters). And blunt, flippant advertising is very successful at putting that view across.

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