‘Uhhh …’ An open letter to Justin Bieber


So the kids at Student Vote are a little down on Justin Bieber.

Eighteen-year-old Megan explains why in a letter posted on the organization’s website after his recent appearance on the Letterman show. Here is just some of what she had to say:

Dear Justin,

I understand you have recently celebrated your 18th birthday. From one 18-year-old to another, my sincerest happy birthday to you. Another year, another questionable run-in with the paparazzi, and an inspirationally-titled album…you’re on a roll!

So Justin, as I watched Letterman on Friday and admired your opera skills and the creative font of your new Believe tattoo, I pondered how exactly you spent your 18th birthday. Luckily, Mr. Letterman wondered, too.

Alas, there was no tabloid gossip on this one; you just had a get together with friends and family. How wholesome and sweet – very Canadian! Letterman went on to ask you whether you were going to vote, the only new legal thing you can do at 18.

You dutifully responded that you are, in fact, a Canadian citizen. And we appreciated that. We like to claim you as our own. But Letterman didn’t relent there. He went on to ask then, would you vote in Canada? With baited breathe we waited…

Your response? A resounding “Uhhh…”

The letter explains that Bieber told Letterman that since he’s not in Canada, he does not, like, know what’s going on. Writes Megan:

“I threw my towel in as David Letterman pursued the fact you should vote in America, even though you are Canadian. You slightly redeemed, that hypothetically, you would definitely vote in America if you had just turned 18 and were an American citizen. Definitely.”

Megan uses the rest of her letter to urge the pop star to get informed and to empower young Canadians to vote:

“When you tweet “Night Girls,” you get 29,612 replies. Your sphere of influence encompasses the globe! The least you could have done was thrown a little of your influence towards the kids of Canada.”

Read the letter in its entirety here. 

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‘Uhhh …’ An open letter to Justin Bieber

  1. It’s good to see that there are some Canadian youth who care about voting! It’s a pity Mr. Bieber isn’t one of them.

  2. Well done Megan! Thank you very much for that.

  3. Yes!! Megan you are AWESOME– in the truest sense of the word!

  4. justinbiber u are hot

  5. Give me a friggin’ break. If there’s one thing worse than not voting, it’s pious moaning about how people don’t vote.

    • How about non-pious moaning, and about how living in a country does impose small duties, like voting, which should be a free will acknowledgement of your responsibility as a member of the society?

  6. also, Biebs: you claim to be a good christian boy. Leviticus forbids the marking of skin (ink) and the cutting of hair (yours).

    Also, in Rolling Stone, you said that you were against abortion – even incases of rape, stating “everything happens for a reason”.Does that mean that you, Justin Bieber, think that Rape Is God’s Will.If your lovely girlfriend Selena were to be raped, would you want her to keep the child?

  7. Good job Megan. Props to. You for using such eloquence and standing up for Canadian politics -the youth vote is important, and why not challenge someone with such an influence over youth already to use that influence for something that matters!

  8. I’d rather he not vote if he (like most others) doesn’t know or understand the issues or how the parties would deal with said issues. Informed Democracy is what we need, not sheeple voting for who celebs vote for

  9. Currently Creepin Heartburn is our prime rib. Instead of asking Justin Bieber to vote in Canada, I suggest we ask him to run for prime minister. Wouldn’t that be great. Instead of having a p.m. who is a mean-spirited, paranoid, vindictive control freak, we can have a prime minister who is kind hearted, fair, charismatic, and magnanimous. We need someone who is capable of making us BELIEVE again.

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