“Ultimately, the buck stops with me.” - Macleans.ca

“Ultimately, the buck stops with me.”

Obama orders security changes after bomb plot


The failure by security officials to “connect the dots” and stop a man carrying explosives onto a U.S.-bound plane on Christmas Day is ultimately his responsibility, said President Barack Obama on Thursday. “As President, I have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people, and when the system fails, it is my responsibility.” He further said that he wants to have clearer lines of responsibility within the intelligence community for pursuing leads on potential security threats. Some Republican critics have called for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. On Wednesday, a U.S. grand jury indicted Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on six charges, including attempted murder and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.


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“Ultimately, the buck stops with me.”

  1. Best of luck to Pres. Obama in preventing more attacks from these Radical groups.

    Let's not forget that Al-Qaeda's ultimate aim is to take over the Western world and immigration is the means by which it can obtain a critical mass of supporters in each Western country. Given this reality, why haven't our governments imposed a strict moratorium on all new immigration? What possible benefit can immigration bring that would outweigh the horror of life under Al-Qaeda rule?

    The next politician who goes into the politically correct dance about how "we need immigration", should be offered a quick trip to the unemployment line or better yet, Guanatanamo Bay. Do your elected representatives know how you feel about this? Your friends and family? Feel free to copy this text and forward to them.

  2. I'm trying to decide whether you crawled out from under a bridge or a rock…

    ..I suppose they're not mutually exclusive.

    One of the primary benefits immigration can bring is causing xenophobic Archie Bunker's like you to gain some experience with people of different cultures and realize that, under the culture, they're still just people.

  3. This is what makes Obama a solid president. Moreso than any policies or anything else, but the ability to understand that leadership means responsibility, not just perks.