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Ultrasounds: a reversible contraceptive for men?

Blast to the testes safely stops sperm production


Ultrasound could be used as a reversible contraceptive for men, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina, who say a blast to the testes safely stops sperm production for up to six months. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has provided $100,000 to push head clinical trials, the BBC reports, in hopes of offering a new method of birth control. “We think this could provide men with up to six months of reliable, low-cost, non-hormonal contraception from a single round of treatment,” lead researcher Dr. James Tsuruta said. “Our long-term goal is to use ultrasound from therapeutic instruments that are commonly found in sports medicine or physical therapy clinics as an inexpensive, long-term, reversible male contraceptive suitable for use in developing to first world countries.”


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Ultrasounds: a reversible contraceptive for men?

  1. Alternately they could just keep it zipped. When used as directed this method has a 100% success rate, can be reversed instantly as needed, has no known ill effects, and costs nothing.

    Or you can zap your nuts with high frequency compression waves. Yup.

    • Some might consider preventing sexual activity to be an "ill effect"

      • Some others might consider it to be responsible self-restraint, particularly compared to resorting to an abortion after the contraceptive fails.

    • You see, G, there's this thing about the "used as directed" part…

    • In my experience, wives, even girlfriends, can raise extreme, sometimes shrill objections when told a fellow doesn't want to make out with them. The foolish, silly things seem to take a man refusing to make love with them as some kind of rejection. Go figure. Women! Real men never consider what they may want, of course.

  2. Whoever came up with that subtitle deserves to be sacked.

    • Huh. I thought it was the headline writer's seminal work…

      • Not the usual frequencely inscrotable headline, that's for sure.

        • You saying he or she dropped the ball?

          • Yepididymis the mark on this one.

          • Well, at least the writer was Sertoli trying his or her best.

          • And it doesn't make much deferens, anyway.

          • You kidding? The deferens is huge. Vas, even! But then, size isn't supposed to matter.

          • For such a serous subject, I am not sure that we should joke orchid around like this. What do you think?

          • I'm nearly prostate from laughing, so keep 'em coming.

          • And if you glans around at other comments, these are no worse than most.

          • It's always fun to test/tickle one's wits with a few puns, but this thread is really flagellating it to death.

          • You have to admit, our collective efforts always manage to amal-gamete more puns than one would think possible.

          • Tumescence of humour, we are all pubertal teens at heart.

          • We do seme to have very fertilized imaginations.

          • LMAO !!! Thankyou people for a fantastic start to my day, after reading this bantering it won't matter what transpires thru out my day, because I will have this sillyness to reflect on !! (still snickering,, tear in eye..)

    • like nutsacked? (grin)

  3. Interesting news to me, I had ultra sound of my testicles and specifically asked if there was possible negative effect because my wife and I wanted to conceive. I was told there was no danger, 3 months later a baby was conceived and had down syndrome….coincidence?

  4. At first glance, the new method of birth control looks promising. A great deal depends on how much the medicine business will charge for a procedure that costs nothing, of course. When we throw in skilled labor, and the electricity for a five-minute job a practical nurse could do, the price could easily be higher than $50.00. We wouldn't want anyone in the medicine business forced to work more than three days a week, after all.

    The biggest question appears to be what happens to hormone production while sperm production is stopped for half a year. Six months without testosterone would make a big difference in how much work a man got done in an average day. As we all know from our high school history classes, eunuchs aren't the most energetic workers a company or government can ask for.

  5. Back in the late 60's thru 70's I played in a Rock band and stood in front of ( and sat on) a massive set of speakers that pounded out around 900-1000 watts rms of power..Loud !! Well,, I have a hearing problem and my Children love playing music…so i am kind of sceptical !!! lol

    • ''ooops.. typo.. Skeptical….

    • It's not just the amplitude (loudness) that matters here, it's the frequency. Audio speakers don't produce ultrasound; there'd be no point to engineering them to do so since it's inaudible.

      • I do believe I have just been educated in the basic's of Ultra- Sound..Thankyou Mr. Gaunilon. I will now go and tell my Son that hugging his bass speaker before his date tonite is not a form of birth control…….

        • Actually if your son's girlfriend sees him hugging his speaker, that might be a form of birth control. But that's an entirely different phenomenon…

          • I 'll show him your post.. he might listen to you more than me !!

      • So if it's inaudible, how would anyone know whether those speakers produce ultrasound?

        • It costs extra to design an amplifier with wideband response. No engineer would do this just to produce sounds that no one hears.

          Anyway, if they did produce ultrasound every dog within a five mile radius of the concert would be howling like a banshee.

          • Guess we won't put our expectant neighbour up to the subwoofer to see if it'll be a boy or a girl, then…

          • You mean whether it is a boy or a girl…. ;-)

          • Nope. Right now, present tense, it is merely a parasitic collection of cells sucking energy and nutrients from its host. Although the lady doesn't seem to be playing the victim role all that well. In fact, she seems positively pleased.

          • I'm sure she'd be even more pleased if you tell her that she either has a penis or two vaginas, depending on the sex of the parasitic collection of cells she's carrying.

          • Not that I checked (quickly stashing telescope behind back), but my guess would be that, even with a parasitic penis (all right fess, up, who's the smartypants who just muttered aren't-they-all?), she probably still has a vagina, too.

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