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UN confirms Karzai’s win a fraud, amid more scandal

Head of the UN mission denies his own misconduct, and Afghan panel member quits


Afghanistan’s August election was rigged according to Kai Eide, the head of the UN mission in that country. As many expected, President Hamid Karzai’s win is now considered a fraud, as Eide has identified “ghost polling stations” that returned fake ballots. Karzai initially won with 54 per cent of the vote, and the new result won’t be available for a few days. On Sunday, Eide denied that he initially covered up the fraud and of having a Karazi bias–claims made by the UN deputy to Afghanistan, Peter Galbraith. Eide calls Galbraith’s accusations a personal attack stemming from dinner conversations they had while Galbraith was a guest in his home. On Monday, Maulavi Mustafa Barakzia, one of two Afghan members of the UN-backed panel looking into the election, quit. Barakzia says the foreign members of the panel weren’t consulting with the Aghan members.

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UN confirms Karzai’s win a fraud, amid more scandal

  1. Meanwhile our troops and civilians are dying over there & for what – corrupt politics and poor communication!

  2. A fruadulent government in a developing country????? That's so……unusual! (sarc off).

    We should be there to thwart the efforts of the Taliban from taking over the nation and turning it into another state fortress for dozens of terrorist training camps used to export terror around the world.

    That's why the international forces went in in the first place, and that's the only reason we should be there.

    One quick way for the pacifist left to get us out of any hot spot is to have the bar of "success" in public discourse just high enough that it is unattainable.

    Terrorists operating out of caves, having to look over their shoulder for the next drone attack or J2F2 sniper bullet, is a far better option than having them triumphantly running the entire country.

    Some times there are no easy answers, just the lesser of two bad alternatives.

    • Idiotic canadians… who think that being there will accomplish more than the British or the Soviets accomplished. Or the americans, for that matter. I bet the "biff" knucklehead hasn't spent one day in the military, that's why he is such a brave warrior in front of his computer. Grow up, man, terror is a tactic, and will exist as long as injustice will exist. You cannot fight a tactic, saying you are fighting terror is like saying you fight attack or defense.

      • Hey Cris, if you remove everyone from the debate who hasn't served in the military, then whether or not to be in a war would be a discussion reserved for soldiers and veterans.

        I doubt that is what you want. As a democrat who shares your opposition to continuing this war, this sure isn't what I'd want.

  3. When will the Western world get rid of the UN – it is a corrupt organization, that costs billions every year and yet produces nothing but busy-body reports and caters to some of the most violent and tyrannical governments in the world.