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UN imposes new sanctions on Iran

Ahmadinejad may pull out of nuclear negotiations as a result


The United Nations Security Council has voted in favour of new sanctions against Iran because of its nuclear program, which the United States and its allies say is geared toward building a nuclear bomb. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously said Iran would not agree to further talks if the sanctions were imposed. Turkey and Brazil, which recently brokered a deal with Iran on uranium enrichment, voted against the resolution. Lebanon abstained. The United Sates said the sanctions are the toughest Iran has faced, but they were watered down following negotiations with Security Council members China and Russia and contain no oil embargo.

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UN imposes new sanctions on Iran

  1. Less talk and more action. If sanctions are going to be put in place, then make them good. Enough with all the warnings. Obviously nothing so far has changed Madman Ahmadinejad's mind, so just put an end to all the pointless talks and meetings and actually cut the country off. If he still continues, then the next step is military action of some sort. It will be to late for talks and military action when he has nuclear weapons.

  2. Ah but you forget the main purpose of the UN is to resolve issues between countries through diplomacy. Meaning when dealing with a state like Iran, the U.N. is completely powerless, corrupted, and pacifistic. The United Nations has been a miserable failure at everything it undertakes (including Haiti). Every sovereign state that cares about what happens with the future of rogue states should boycott the UN until it starts behaving like the actual deterrent it was designed to be.