UN says Canada ‘complicit’ in violations of human rights


The United Nations says Canada owes an apology and compensation to Abdullah Almalki, Ahmad El Maati and Muayyed Nureddin.

As reported by the Canadian Press, an end-of-session study from the UN Committee Against Torture accuses the federal government of being “complicit” to human rights violations committed against the three Arab-Canadian men who were held in Syria after 9-11.

The committee’s report says it is concerned that Canada appears reluctant to protect rights of all Canadians detained in other countries, by comparison with the case of Maher Arar. It suggests Canada’s security practices put detained Canadians at risk.

The UN also criticizes the Harper government’s decision to post the names and faces of alleged war criminals on line:

“The committee notes with regret the recent initiative to publicize the names and faces of 30 individuals living in Canada who had been found inadmissible to Canada on grounds they may have been responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity. If they are apprehended and deported, they may escape justice and remain unpunished.”

The UN asks the federal government to reply to their concerns by June 2013.

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UN says Canada ‘complicit’ in violations of human rights

  1. Spurious garbage from an irrelevant organization.

    • Except that Canada did commit a war crime in transferring detainees. Then when Parliament asked for details, the government refused to obey the Parliamentary Order which started a constitutional crisis, and was a violation of Canadian democracy and the laws of the land. To keep hiding, and to avoid begin held in Contempt of Parliament, they Prorogued. Once Parliament resumed, luckily for the Conservatives, the opposition parties were too spineless to call them out on this Contempt of Parliament, instead calling them on their second Contempt of Parliament which caused the 2011 election.

      So, no, not spurious garbage.

      • you wouldn’t know a war crime if it smacked you upside the head.

  2. All this from the most corrupt organization on the planet!! Unbelievable.

    • wow you really are a true piece of work aren’t you? What if it was you or your mother? I guess you would have a different opinion then. Maybe someone should torture you or a loved one and see if you feel the same way. God people like you disgust me.

      • you don’t disgust me but you do amuse me.

  3. I blame Harper for giving Canada a violation record that is worse than North Korea and China combined. I am ashamed to be Canadian.

  4. This is absolutely no wonder with that fascist Harper & his vrew of fascist NeoCons at the helm.
    At this point Harper is guilty of more human rights violations right at home with the way he treats ordinary citizens of this country, sitting by while children go hungry. But hey that’s okay to him as long as his family is well fed and he gets lotsa pizza to maintain his paunch!

    • That’s right, Canadians would be smart to move to North Korea, China, Nigeria, Iran of any one of the more civilized nations.

    • Stop the mindless hate. Fascists were Socialists, moron.

      • This comment made me smile “Facists were Socialists, moron.” Please read a little more about social systems, their basic tenets and contrast them to properly understand similarities and differences.

    • The UN is by proxy committing murder in Syria. How dare they even suggest that we are risking human rights, when they stand by and kill human rights to life.

      • The reason there is murder in Syria is a direct consequence of Harper’s polices. So, in fact, Canada is responsible for the murders in Syria.

  5. The UN needs to fix things in Russia, China, and the 57 Islamic paradises first, then it can speak to Canada.

  6. IM looking to find Canadians for the withdraw of the U.N. People who know the truth about the UN and its true perpous. Informitive Video based in grass roots research awaits your joining.

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