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UN Secretary General calls for urgent action in Pakistan

The world has been sluggish in helping out with this particular natural disaster


A day after Canada pledged an extra $33 million (on top of $2 million last month) for Pakistan flood relief, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made an urgent request for the world to come to the aid of those affected. Ban Ki-moon said he’s seen many natural disasters but nothing like this, with over 1,500 dead, and 20 million homeless—and with more flooding likely to come. There’s also a growing fear of diseases, including chlorea and malaria. The UN has had trouble reaching their target amount of aid for Pakistan as other nations are not reacting as quickly or as generously as they have with past disasters, including the 2004 tsunami, or the earthquake in Haiti.


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UN Secretary General calls for urgent action in Pakistan

  1. We've reached the point of disaster burnout. While I'm the first to admit that it's not fair to those affected, for the past number of years, we seem to be bombarded with reports of the "disaster of the month".

    That's my suspicion why both governments and individuals have become somewhat immune to pleas for aid in this case. As well, the mounting private and public debt levels of many of the developed nations who would normally fund these requests for assistance affects our ability to meaningfully help those in need.

  2. How's this:

    Instead of sending millions in Aid to Pakistan….why don't we tell Pakistan to use the money they are currently spending to arm the Taliban fighting our soldiers…..and pay for their own damn problems.

    We shouldn't be sending money to the SWAT Valley…..we should be sending bombers.

  3. It's difficult to ask Western countries to help a country that hates them.