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UN Security Council to investigate Israel

Reiterated desire for regular flow of goods and people into Gaza


After a 12-hour emergency meeting on Monday, the UN Security Council emerged to call for a “prompt, impartial, credible, and transparent investigation” into the Israeli raid on a group of Gaza-bound aid ships on Monday. The raid, which saw nine killed and dozens injured, kicked off when Israeli troops landed on the largest boat in the floatilla, which was carrying 679 protestors as well as aid supplies off the coast of Gaza. On Tuesday, retired general Shlomo Brom defended Israeli troops, claiming “they were not prepared for what awaited them on deck” and had no choice but to defend themselves. Meanwhile, hundreds of activists who were taken off the boats remain in detention, after refusing to identify themselves to Israeli authorities.

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UN Security Council to investigate Israel

  1. Who cares what the UN wants?

    They also want carbon taxation. They are simply socialist fools.

  2. I have seen the footage, the aid will go through.unfortunately ( for them) the guns for Hamas will not!

  3. Israel has lost its moral compass. To steal an Australian's and a British citiizen's identities, along with how many others that we do not know about, forge their passports to assasinate their enemies on foreign soil, to rapel down from helicopters at 4 in the morning and 65 km off shore to force aflotilla to head into their port , and now deploying nuclear submarines off Iran ( while refusing to sign the NPT and to acknowledge that they have nuclear weapons). The country is now seen by many as having become a very dangerous rogue state. Other than the US, Britain, and Israel's New Best Friend, harper, (according to Al Jazeera english of May 30) who continue to support this increasingly beligerant state, the world's citizens have had it with the incessant instability with which Israel burdens the world – all because of a 1917 agreement made by the Colonialists of the day, England. And each successive generation continues to pay for this idiotic folly of the past. Enough now. They have become too much for the world.

    • 1. Al Jazeera is not a credible source of information. They are an Arab news agency, with contacts to the Taliban and other terrorist organizations.
      2. I find that Israel actually provides stability. If you want an example on instability look at Iran (both internal and external policies).

      • I see from past posts that you are a staunch supporter of Israel, regardless of their tactics. We should be addressing their tactics. As for Al Jazeera, it now has some of the most respected British, American, etc journalists in the world. They are just as credible, in fact more so, than the propaganda airwaves of corporate-controlled stations such as the US Fox and our own National Post.

        Obviously, you are entitiled to your opinions and others to theirs. Let's just say we agree to disagree on this one.

        • Agreed. Just as a side note, I've not seen a Fox newscast for over 15 years. I obtain most of my info from Google news, so I do get a wide point of views as many news agencies are referenced (I also read Al Jazeera for kicks). Also, I don't support all of Israels past tactics.

      • Equating English-language news with the truth is idiocy. Al-Jazeera reports on Israeli atrocities on civilians. Good luck getting that news from wires owned by the Asper family.

    • A correction – they are NOT nuclear submarines. They are submarines armed with nuclear warheads.

    • What part of "enforcing blockade" do you not understand?

      Anyway, the point where you go wrong the most, is that the Israelis have as much right to that land as anyone else. If I start lobbing grenades into your backyard, that does not give me the right to your property.

      • I think you will find that "enforcing blockade" is not clearly understood by anyone, least of all you

        from the article:

        “To say that this blockade would be jeopardized by the flotilla and that sometime down the road weapons might come into Gaza as a result, and thereby pose a threat to Israel, is to stretch the definition of self defence way further than anyone ever countenanced.”

        The fact that commandoes may have encountered violent behaviour when they boarded the ships still is not justification for their use of deadly force, he added. “The issue isn't whether the passengers were violent, but whether Israel should have boarded the ships in this way at all.”

        Your rudeness certainly is an indication of your rationality.

        • A blockade means that you block shipments for inspection. All of them.

          "“To say that this blockade would be jeopardized by the flotilla and that sometime down the road weapons might come into Gaza as a result, and thereby pose a threat to Israel,"

          That is a hugely subjective statement. Firstly, when weapons are smuggled into Gaza, there are no billboards advertising the fact. A flotilla needs to be searched just as much as any other vessel. That's the whole point of a blockade. The Israelis offered to move any flotilla shipments through the border just like any other shipments to Gaza.

          I'm sure the writer must realize that despite his good nature, he will still have his bags x-rayed at the airport just like everyone else.

          “The issue isn't whether the passengers were violent, but whether Israel should have boarded the ships in this way at all.”

          That may be the issue to him, but to the rest of us there is a heck of a lot more to the story. To an even-handed person, you don't frame one aspect of the story as the whole story. Especially when there were four or more other boats boarded without incident.

          • "I'm sure the writer must realize that despite his good nature, he will still have his bags x-rayed at the airport just like everyone else".


            Absolutely correct, but not until he reaches the airport.

        • And another thing, it's the one citing rudeness who is usually being rude, and this is no exception.

          These are rude statements:
          "the world's citizens have had it with the incessant instability with which Israel burdens the world"
          "And each successive generation continues to pay for this idiotic folly of the past"

          What I said is peanuts in comparison.

          There is no collection of people comprising a country that is a "burden" to the rest of the world, only a rude individual (rude is a kind word in this circumstance) would even suggest such a thing.

          • I just hope you are as strong a Canadian when the time comes for you to stick up for your own country (presuming that it is, indeed, Canada).

            And if you don't think the majority of the world's citizens aren't sick and tired of this ages-old conflict, then you are a youngster. This has been going on all my life and I am well over 65. It is NOT our fight – we have enough problems in our on backyard without being dragged into other peoples' centuries-old 'civil' wars (oxymoron if ever there was one).

            Anyway, we beg to differ. Hope it all works out either way. A hand extended in peace is much more acceptable than a fist always clenched.

          • The majority of the world's citizens are clearly not sick and tired. This is obvious. Many of them are obsessed with it, for no seemingly rational reason. The evidence?

            It is a miniscule country that is the same size as Vancouver island, that would rank as the 45th smallest state in the USA, smaller than Hawaii, and comprises a population of 7 million, which ranks it #95 in the world and 0.1% of the world's population. Arab countries of the region total 300 million people (40 times more than Israel) and 650 times more territory. Yes, you can fit 650 Israels into the territory held by Arab countries in the region. Despite this vast difference in size and population, this little country comprises 10% of the GDP in the region. It is one of the only democracies in the region and is the only country that scores well in the human development index. It is a country in which the Arab population is rising while the Jewish population is falling in neighbouring countries

            It is the only predominantloy Jewish country in a world where there are about 50 predominantly Muslim countries, and dozens of predominantly Christian countries.

            Somehow this minuscule country captures the obsession of the world, despite atrocities being committed around the world, wars in Africa and elsewhere. For instance, consider that in Pakistan 95 people were just killed in a terrorist bombing of mosques. Yet somehow this Israeli incident captures the world's attention. There has been a war ranging in Congo for years, yet not the slightest interest from the rest of the world. No, the world is obsessed with a dot on the map called Israel.

            So, no, obviously, very obviously, the world is not the slightest bit sick and tired of Israel. Just the opposite. There is no rational reason for the world's obsession with Israel. Anti-semitism is alive and well in the world today.

          • Anti-everything is alive and well in the world today, be it politicians, Islam, Christians, Atheists, Abortionists, Feminists, you name it. Israel has no corner on this market, sorry to say.

          • Perhaps Israel shouldn't have beat that drum as loud and as long as they have. Their din has become so obnoxious Judaism is increasingly dissociating itself from Zionism.

          • What drum? What din? All they want is for the rest of the middle east to stop invading, stop suicide bombs and stop rocket attacks. Israel doesn't beat a drum at all. The reason for the blockade is to prevent rocket attacks. The reason for the wall is to prevent suicide attacks. The war with Hezbollah was provoked by the kidnapping of Israeli soldier. Everything they do is in self defense. They were invaded in 1948. They were invaded in 1967. The Palestinians rejected the peace talks in the 90s and started the intifadas.

            Even Gaza – they handed over Gaza free of charge with no strings attached and the palestinians responded afterwards by using it as a launching pad for missiles, and so that caused them to institute the blockade.

      • You assume that Israel has a right to blockade in the first place. International judges debate this constantly.

  4. Israel is guilty of boarding a ship in international waters. However I don't understand why everyone seems to think they should let boats go straight to Gaza, that's insane. And how can Spain and France decry it as disproportionate use of force? Were they too stupid or just too deliberately dense to watch the video of the protesters beating the IDF with poles and throwing a soldier down a deck amongst other attacks. It was in no way an attack it was an illegal boarding, that can gladly be discussed even in the context of it leading to the violence but calling it an "attack" is wrong.

    • Of course there is video of the people on the boat fighting back with poles and with whatever means necessary!

      A Turkish ship under a Turkish flag, in international waters, having been cleared by Turkish authorities prior to LEAVING port .. had NO WEAPONS to protect themselves with! Masked Israeli gunmen rappelled down from choppers at 4:30 am, firing … wait .. are we supposed to believe they were firing Paint Ball guns? Did Paint Ball guns KILL foreign nationals?

      The embargo is illegal. Boarding that ship was illegal. Murder is illegal. Turkey is a member of NATO., and as such, there should be consequences for Israel based on any of these facts.

      The Israeli spin machine offered to unload the aid and deliver it to Gaza? That's GOT to be the definition of IRONY!

      • "The embargo is illegal"? According to whom? The international community? International law? If you're honestly ignorant to believe that international law is legitimate (that is the repeated failure of enforcement mechanisms) then you have quite a bit more reading to do. I understand there are arguably instances where international law is feasible (I'm inclined to disagree however) however many UN chapter 5, 6 and 7 missions have ended in dismal failure (Congo/Zaire, Rwanda, Uganda) and international objectives are shrouded by self-interest. Oh and no I'm not an ardent supporter of Israel, I found Benny Morris' "Righteous Victims" to be quite an eye opener in terms of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

        "The embargo is illegal. Boarding that ship was illegal. Murder is illegal. Turkey is a member of NATO., and as such, there should be consequences for Israel based on any of these facts." Again, if the world cannot come together to provide ant concrete repercussions for the latest North, South Korea incident then what makes you believe there are enforcement mechanisms that will hit back at Israel?

      • The flotilla was headed by Turkish Insani Yardim Vakfi, who is listed by the CIA as an al Qaeda-linked Islamist terrorist organization.

  5. It seems rather obvious to me what happened.

    -"activists" plan flotilla
    -Israelis warn activists not to attempt to pass blockade
    -activists ignore Israeli warnings
    -Israelis enforce blockade in international waters by boarding ship to seize control
    -angry activists attack Israelis with metal bars, throw one Israeli over the deck, severely injuring two Israelis and injuring seven others
    -Israelis decide paint-balls are ineffective in their own self-defense, and instead use lethal force to defend themselves

    What's to investigate? The only details I'm interested in are:
    -where did the metal bars come from? Was the attack on the Israelis pre-conceived?
    -what cargo was on the boat?

    • And apparently they are planning more flotillas… their intentions are plain obvious.

  6. Why then did they not agree to inspection before hand?
    Simple solution, but then the war mongers a.k.a. 'peace activists' wouldn't get all the LameStreamMedia attention they had planned on that way.
    No huge out cry when Egypt killed Palis in tunnels under their wall a month or so ago. Gee where's the outrage against them?
    Egypt and Jordan have walls to keep the Palestinians out as well, think these activists would be protesting that too.
    And who cares what the UselessNations of crooks says? They only want corruption to reign and the money to flow to them.
    Here's a link showing how improvished the Palestinians are: http://www.paltoday.ps/arabic/News-64161.html
    Then there is the "fine dinning" debut that the leftist media hounds gourged on recently ….

  7. The facts supporting the notion that israel is the main impediment to peace in the middle east is finally reaching the broader public. It will be more difficult for the US and Harper to provide diplomatic cover for a regime that consistently ignores international law.

  8. The deaths of at least nine and the wounding of dozens more activists is a tragedy. The greater tradgedy is the real cause of this insanity and that is the brutal seige of Gaza and the disgraceful treatment of the Palestinians on the West Bank by Israel. How dare these humanitarians challange Israel and remind the world of the plight of the Palestinians .
    As usual Israel accepts no responsibility for its over reaction even though it admitted today that it had bungled the raid. Figure that out, if you can. .
    Buit no fear the Israeli propaganda machine is running at full tilt and is busy accusing the members of the flotilla and their supporting movements of having ties to terrorist organizations, calling them terrorist supporters, being armed and provoking Israel by just being there. Interesting given all these accusations Israel is now going to deport all these "dangerous" people. It looks like most countries just are buying the spin this time! Harper no doubt still has his head in the sand.

    • The world should just see and judge Israel on her actions, plain and simple: "I'm sorry, your Holocaust and Antisemitism cards are not accepted here…"

  9. Watch Harper disappear on this one.

    • Harpo has already gone awol and taken his parrot Iggy with him