UN undecided on military intervention in Libya

Security Council debates request to impose no-fly zone


United Nations representatives are still debating whether to declare a no-fly zone over Libya, with little action agreed to at a Tuesday meeting. The UN Security Council is studying a number of options, but have said they will wait to see the Arab League and African Union positions.


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UN undecided on military intervention in Libya

  1. of course they are, it's the UN. Besides where are we going to park all the aircraft needed to maintain the no fly zone, and who is going to drop all those bombs to deny airfields to the Libyan air force?

  2. The UN fails once again, no surprise there. The whole organization is a joke.

  3. Where ever trouble rears its ugly head the UN is there to save the day! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a un enforced no fly zone!

  4. Further proof that the U.N. is decadent and useless. Mr. Churchill would be spinning in his grave.

  5. Y'know, only the first two words are required for the headline. On anything to do with that body.

  6. Some of you seem to think that the UN is an autonomous body that can just decide things on it's own.

    It's actually run by the Security Council….and until they agree on something, it doesn't happen. There is no 'mad cowboy' policy, thank goodness.

    In this case they are actually going through the steps set out for R2P, so don't get your panties in a bunch.

    The Libyans don't want any foreign intervention, and have said so…loudly…..so holster the guns and go feed yer horse or sumpthin.

  7. If the UN condemned every Muslim or Arab country for killing their own people they wouldn't have time for anything else – like the daily condemnations of Israel for not being driven into the sea…..

  8. Unless ground forces are sent in, Gadhafi will stay. Say what you may about the man and call that he relinquish power but how about Saudi Arabia? It's not like we need their oil…or is it? Think again!

  9. I have little use or respect for the UN…however in this case I think their dithering is a good thing.

    Leave Libyans to sort out Libya.

  10. Forget the corrupt, dysfunctiona. UN. Move it off North America shores so the terrorists runing the halls can do it somewhere else. Either do something or be prepared for Libyans to never trust the west again. Just a no-fly zone and firearms to even up the field and let 'em sort it out themselves. To watch another genocide makes western words completely meaningless.

  11. The leaders of the revolution have clearly stated they don't want any western intervention. In fact they captured the SAS and deported them.

    They have asked the local ME countries to come to their aid, and they are gettting help from them.

    Perhaps you're not following this?

    • I'm following it. And the "Rebel" leadership, and pretty much everyone else interviewed in eastern Libya, appear to be calling for a no-fly zone to be established.

      • Obviously, you're not.

  12. Let the UN decide after all the UN is stacked with Arab countries, Iran and a multitude of muslim countries .Let only third world Islamic countries decide the fate of their "brothers"in Libya. All Western countries should stay out of this dog fight or there will be complaints of interference by the Great Satan the USA. Let them murder each other. After the slaughtering is done they will not be able to blame the west.
    Actually letting them go at each other in the middle east without western interference should help cull the herd and get rid of numerous islamic terrorists.
    By following that course it's a win , win situation for the civilized west.
    If the do gooder white, pinko , terrorist sympathizers start to complain, provide them with a free airplane ticket so that they can go comfort their oppressed muslim bretheren

  13. yes you can fly over the Med but to loiter over the (vast) target area of Libya mid air refuelling would have to be carried out. besides I don't think Italy or France have the stomach for that sort of action themselves as they probably want the USA to get their hands dirty instead. I say we don't use Libyan oil let the EU get dirty in this fight.

    • It's not that far from Sicily to Libya – and the populated regions of Libya are all along the coast, not deep inland. In any event, if the US had to be used it has two carrier task forces in the Med that together are more than enough to eliminate the Libyan air force.
      As for the Italians, while they may be reluctant to get involved, the scale of their investment in Libya and the spectre of hundreds of thousands of refugees hitting their coast may be enough to push them into action.

      • The US has already stated that their task force is insufficient to enforce a no fly zone. As for Sicily etc.. to be able to enforce a no fly zone entails employing tactical conventional weapons at the get go to disable enemy Air assets. These assets are deployed through out libya. Then once air superiority is achieved our aircraft would have to loiter over much of libya in case any rogue enemy aircraft appeared. They would then have to be destroyed. Meanwhile to achieve all this we would require air to air refuelling capabilities or have landing rights in Tunisia, Egypt, etc. Everytime the US gets involved the people they helped turn around and spit on them. Not to mention the cost of doing this mission would be extremely high. No leave it to the EU

        • I'm not saying it would be simple, but it is clearly within the capacity of the forces available. Libya, somewhat like Canada, is a large country, but its population and its air bases are closely confined to a narrow strip along the ocean. There are relatively few air bases to monitor and once local air defences are neutralized the combination of AWACS patrols and a relatively small number of fighters, no doubt maintained in the air by tankers, would be a pretty effective deterrant. It might not stop all hostile flights, but it would take a pretty dedicated pilot to take off knowing there was a 99% chance of death. Whether we want to be the ones to inflict that death, and whether we want to spend the money to do so is another issue. But I don't think there is much doubt it is technically achievable. NATO has more than sufficient capacity, including air to air tankers.

          • Let the EU do it.

  14. There should be a push to form a new organization of countries with functioning democratic institutions. Whoever wishes to belong has to conform or reform to get in. Paying lip service is not enough anymore. As for Libya, though I do not have respect for UN and its human right council member Gadaffi, Libyans has to fight for Libya. Freedom and democracy is not cheap, it comes with it heavy price and responsibilities. The only thing the international community can do is choking Gadaffi, his family, and ilk from its resources.

  15. Like NATO? IT has, in effect, become the de facto "UN" for democracies. That is not an entirely satisfactory way to deal with matters such as this, but it is at least capable of action on occasion, unlike the UN.

    • Perfection is impossibility, having said that, NATO's mandate is very limited, while UN is an embarrassment. They either have to change the name and expand its responsibilities and mandate, or form a new one from the ground up. An organization should have duties, responsibilities, and expectations for every member nation; otherwise it is bound to fail.

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