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Uncover your face

Quebec tables bill requiring faces to be in plain view when dealing with government services


The Quebec government is diving deep into controversy by tabling a bill saying it will no longer tolerate face-coverings that obstruct communication or visual identification when delivering services. Premier Jean Charest held a conference where he defended the move, saying “This is a symbol of affirmation and respect. … An accommodation cannot be granted unless it respects the principle of equality between men and women, and the religious neutrality of the state.” A debate over face coverings has been raging in Europe, but has largely been swept under the rug in Canada, although Charest’s government is known for drawing lines in the sand over accommodation for minorities. Muslim leaders have questioned the need to legislate against the tiny percentage of Quebecers who wear niqabs or other face covering—estimating that there are only about 25 in the whole province—and say they feel singled out despite the legislation making no reference to specific religions.

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Uncover your face

  1. The vast majority of likely applications of such a bill will be unconstitutional. I suspect the members of the QNA know this.

    • Yeah but that doesn't make a difference thanks to the Notwithstanding Clause. Even if the supreme courts strike this bill down, Quebec can veto the court's decision. Just like Bill 101

      • Quebec is a nation of knobs, they don't have any intention of passing a law that says nuns can't cover their heads

        • The bill in question doesn't cover head coverings but face coverings. It says nothing about a nun's habit, the Islamic hijab, the Catholic headscarf or the ubiquitous Wu-Tang Clan hoodie for that matter. A bit of advice: read up before spewing, please.

  2. The PQ starts courting anti-immigrant voters and since they're the only real opposition the Liberals have they follow to try and try to keep the PQ from gaining too many votes. Does the majority of the province support this? It doesn't matter, because if anyone doesn't like this they have no real alternative to turn to.

    I am really not a fan of two party setups.

  3. Fantastic !! Thank you Quebec for doing what no other Government has the guts to do. NO where in the Koran does it require women to cover their faces. Hip Hip Hooray!

    • France is doing the same. Sarkozy recently stood up prior to this and said they (the French) recognize what the "religious garments" represent and it is incongruant with French values of egalitarianism and social secularism. I only hope Ontario would one day stand up against misogyny, but I doubt it.

  4. Thank you Quebec for standing up for Canadian rights of the majority and not letting a minority rule your province

    • I'm not certain how a minority woman choosing to wear something on her face infringes on the right of the majority.

      • It infringes on the right of the minority woman herself. If you are interested in reading about the political institution of the niqab/burka/hijab, there are plenty of sources. I care about sexism, I don't care which country it is being imported from, and as a Canadian I do not welcome it. I oppose it, and it seems so does Quebec.

        • Well that's not what JNGR's point was which I was responding to.

          As for your point of the niqab infringing on the right of the minority woman.. I'm not sure how imposing extra regulations on what she can wear while still accessing government services is in any way *increasing* her rights. This is taking a choice *away* from her.

  5. Way to go Quebec, lets see if there are others that have the balls to do the same!
    We certainly don't need to be in the mess that Europe is in!

    • And we aren't in the same mess Europe at all in any way. Taking lessons from Europe about integrating immigrants is like taking lessons from Iran on Human Rights.

  6. The leftist nutters should be out in full force soon crying discrimination, it is only a matter of time

    • They're twisting their minds in shock trying to understand how the most leftist/socialist province is doing this.

  7. be different i suppose if it was done for health purposes such as in pollution….its the imposition of customs and traditions to otherwise quiet, tolerant people that pisses them off and this cloth wearing should only happen at cultural events not in everyday in your face bizzyness

    • it's not suprising, quebec is kind of backward, inward looking society ..i wouldn't be suprised that they don't like something outside of their comfort zone

  8. Islam is spreading among Non-Muslims very fast whenever any country is taking action against Islam. Everyone is trying to find the truth about Niqab. Islam teaches us peace & brotherhood to live life happily. Terrorism is no where in Islam. Islam is growing & growing pain has to feel by every Muslim. Please visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/islam/bel… for more info.

    • Terrorism is no where in Islam.

      Where do you get such nonsense from, seems to me you are from the brainwashed side posting here to find more recruitments

    • I have no idea what u r smoking but u should stop!! Islam is spreading among Non-Muslims ONLY because of FEAR!! The totally psychotic manner in which u guys deal with simple issues is the BIGGEST REASON! You folks DO NOT understand diplomacy and discussion, and DO NOT TOLERATE OPPOSITION on ANYTHING!! You are still living in a fantasy world where you dominate life and life style. This is the real world. There is legitimate growth and then there is cancer.

  9. dream on dork!

  10. Yeah , finally someone who can stand up to all this nonsense. Keep your religion at home and your religous gear,,its scary and wrong…covering up all the time, are they ashamed to be humans and yeah i like seeing whom i'm talking to,,,,

  11. Vancouver has had enough dealings with anarchists in ski masks over several years, to persuade us living in BC that public face disguising with masks is a very bad idea. Maybe the person in that burqua is a devout Moslem woman – maybe it's a lawbreaking man.