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United States moves on climate change

President instructs Environmental Protection Agency to set standards


It’s a frosty day in October, not July, but the Americans government has finally taken some action on greenhouse gas emissions. Unwilling to see his anti-climate change agenda bogged down in Congress, like his health care reforms, President Barack Obama has told the Environmental Protection Agency to move ahead and set standards for thousands of power plants and large industries. It may just be a bluff to get legislators to cut a deal, but it signals a polar shift in US politics.

The New York Times

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United States moves on climate change

  1. and off we go.
    not unlike Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole so goes the USA entering an endless path of an alarming bizaro orthodoxy based on faith, not fact.

    • I don't know whether your comment is just ironic or merely amusing? Probably both.

  2. One more nail in the US economy. The "green economy" is no more based on reality than were the credit default swaps and other crafty, unethical "investmests" allowed to proliferate and then crash and burn when the house of cards came tumbling down.

  3. they don't factor in the real cost of the old economy … when factories beltch pollution into the air do they pay the cost downstream? of course not … the green economy is where it is at ….it's a joke there aren't thousands of wind turbines and solar power everywhere …holland has been using wind power for hundreds of years…all you anti environmentalists can get under a hummer