University of California to pay $1 million to pepper-sprayed Occupants -

University of California to pay $1 million to pepper-sprayed Occupants


The University of California has been ordered to pony up around $1 million to settle a lawsuit filed by Occupy demonstrators who were pepper-sprayed by police last fall.

The incident occurred at UC Davis and the images of a police officer casually pepper-spraying protesters at a non-violent Occupy rally quickly went viral on YouTube:

UC will have to pay $30,000 to each of the 21 plaintiffs named, along with $250,000 for their lawyers to split. The university also has to set aside $100,000 to pay others who can prove they were pepper-sprayed last November as well.



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University of California to pay $1 million to pepper-sprayed Occupants

  1. First, why does the university have to pay if police did it?
    If those are university rent-a-cops, then sure. But those look like actual police.

    Second.. WTF? That cop needs to be fired, convicted, and put in prison.. ideally with a bunch of people who really *are* violent and a video of what he did made available to them.. so that he can learn the difference between non-violent and violent.

    • Campus police report to the campus chancellor. The buck stops with the campus chancellor.

      • Ah. Fair enough. I had no idea that campus police had that kind of equipment down there.

  2. With the influence of UC Berkeley Chancellor
    Birgeneau, Provost George Breslauer deployed excessive force by campus police –
    rammed baton jabs – on students protesting Chancellor’s doubling of resident
    tuition. Sack (honorably retire) dysfunctional Provost Breslauer. Birgeneau

    Email a message to UC Board of Regents
    and Calif. State Senators and Assemblymembers.

  3. University of California President Yudof incurred over $1 million in legal and adm expenses regarding the peppr spray settlement.
    Here is another example of abused use of tax payer funds.

    perfect, but some higher education chancellors are much less perfect as
    stewards of public funds than others. University of California
    Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau ($450,000) Provost
    Breslauer ($306,000) have forgotten they are steward’s of public money, not
    overseer of their own fiefdoms.

    UC Chancellor
    Birgeneau, Provost Breslauer do not have a grip on financial realities. Trust
    the evidence.

    Pays ex Michigan governor $300,000 for lectures

    Tuition increases exceed national average rate
    of increase.

    University accrues
    $150 million of inefficiencies over last 8 years

    Recruits foreign students who pay $50,600 and displace
    qualified Californians.

    Spends $7,000,000 + for OE consultants to do
    the work of senior Cal.
    management. (Prominent East Coast
    University accomplishes same, 0 cost).

    In procuring $7,000,000
    consultants failed to receive proposals from other firms.

    Best in nation rank: # 70 Forbes.

    Academic rank: Falls below top ten QS ranking

    Tuition to
    Return on Investment drops below top10.

    now is most expensive
    public university for residence.

    Organizational Effectiveness (OE): Birgeneau
    prevents OE from examining Chancellor’s, Provost’s operations for inefficiencies

    all shameful. There is no justification for such irregularities by stewards of
    the public trust. If Chancellor, Provost don’t understand financial stewardship
    they have no business being Cal. senior management.

    Chancellor Birgeneau’s
    self-indulgent practices continue onto violence against students protesting his
    doubling of instate tuition. University of California Board of Regents Chair
    Sherry Lansing must vigorously enforce oversight of Cal. Only then will confidence of Alumni,
    donors, legislators, Californians return.

    agenda is transparency. I have 35 years’ consulting experience; have taught at
    UC Berkeley, where I observed the culture & the way senior management works.
    No, I was not fired or downsized & have not solicited contracts from UC/Cal).

    Yours is the
    opinion that can make the difference, email UC Board of Regents