University of Victoria declares war against feral rabbits -

University of Victoria declares war against feral rabbits

1,200 rabbits to be captured, relocated or euthanized


Overrun with rascally furry friends, the University of Victoria announced Monday plans to kill or sterilize and relocate 1,400 rabbits that have taken over the campus. Only 200 rabbits will be allowed to stay on university grounds, with 50 in each of four “rabbit control” quadrants. The surplus rabbits will be removed by a contractor using traps and will be sterilized and relocated or euthanized. Community members who wish to accommodate sterilized rabbits can apply for a permit from the Ministry of Environment. The university’s Feral Rabbit Management Plan evoked mixed reactions when it was released on Monday. A pilot program failed because rescue organizations were unwilling to have their property and cages inspected to ensure ministry specifications were met, but the university has already been approached by one facility approved by the Environment Ministry which has room for 20 rabbits.

Vancouver Sun

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University of Victoria declares war against feral rabbits

  1. U of Vic has been fighting this battle for over 20 years. My money is still on the twicky wabbits.

    • I seem to recall that declarations of "Wabbit Season!" always lead to duck season…

      • Next, the campus will be overrun by fiddler crabs.

  2. I can't believe no one has though of "All you can eat BBQ" at the campus :)

    • dude, to say no one has is not quite accurate. there are persistent stories about a former grad student that ''lived off the (campus) land'' in precisely that way for his studies.

  3. Mmmm rabbit stew. Let's be practical about this; there are a lot of people who would have no qualms about cooking up these varmints that are posing a nuisance. It seems being cute and cuddly can make too much of a big difference in public opinion. Many cultures, including some First Nations include rabbit in their diet. I would hate to see these animals just euthenized and destroyed, and not eaten.

  4. Its a shame to waste a great protien source. There was a proposal to round up canada geese, finish them on clean feed then process them into sausage and hand it out at food banks,why couldn't something like this be done with the rabbits?.As a society we have to stop being obstructed by foolish emotion driven animal rights types and act in the best manner for all citizens.The rabbits are destroying all manner of plant life there,it has to be stopped.

  5. Let the rabbits read. Who are you to deny them access to an education. Shame on you!

  6. It should be noted that the Victoria rabbits are released pets and not wild rabbits. I did a little research so would-be carnivores know what to look for.

    • yeah, i doubt these make good for eating. they are scavengers in an area where they have access to all sorts of garbage. it would be like eating seagulls as a substitute for chicken. i'll let someone else go first.