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UofA med school dean admits to copying speech

Graduating students outraged by plagiarism


The dean of the University of Alberta’s medical school is apologizing after students caught him plagiarizing a speech to the graduating class at the convocation banquet on Friday night. Students were apparently quick to notice the similarities between Dean Philip Baker’s speech and a medical school graduation address delivered by Dr. Atul Gawande at Stanford University in 2010. One attendee said his brother used his smartphone to find a copy of the original and was following along as Baker delivered the address. In an apology letter released Sunday, Baker admitted Gawande’s words “inspired me and resonated with my experiences,” adding “`I hope you accept my heartfelt apology and although you may not be proud of me as the dean of your school, please know that I am very proud of all of you.” The students, however, aren’t exactly eager to forgive him. “It was a blatant word for word copy,” said attendee Amy Christianson. “I just graduated with my PhD and if I did something like that, I would be expelled.”

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UofA med school dean admits to copying speech

  1. Oh boy, what a foolish thing to do.  He could have quoted Dr. Gawande and gave him credit in the speech.  As the dean of a faculty in a top notch university he knows what the penalties are for plagiarism.  Even if a speech he wrote himself would not have been as eloquent as Dr. Gawande’s was, at least it would have been his own work.  Now his reputation is in shreds.

    • That’s what’s so baffling about it, isn’t it? It wouldn’t have been nearly as difficult to credit the man as it is to explain why he didn’t.