Upcoming: Where do we go from here in Afghanistan?


Coming up this weekend, I’ll be moderating a panel that will feature Chris Alexander, Bob Rae, Terry Glavin, and Najia Haneefi debating Canada’s future role in Afghanistan.

The event – at the Taj Banquet Hall, 4611 Steeles Avenue West, starting at 3:30 p.m. on April 17 – is one in a series of public events the Solidarity Committee is sponsoring across Canada to build support for a “new mission” in Afghanistan after 2011, when the Canadian Forces’ battle group is expected to be withdrawn from Kandahar Province.

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Upcoming: Where do we go from here in Afghanistan?

  1. And the video will be posted here once it's done?

  2. Instead of going to this symposium, everyone should just read "The Unexpected War: Canada in kandahar" by Janice Gross Stein and Eugene Lang, reflect on the past nine years, and then we can all agree that our future in Afghanistan should be to get the hell outta there.

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