U.S. colleges become “gated communities” for the elite

How the recession is shutting kids out of higher education


As the economic downturn deepens, the “crisis of college affordability” is quietly spreading across the U.S., writes University of Michigan student Andy Knoll. In this story, Knoll sounds the alarm bells about how expensive higher education has become—in the past 30 years, tuition fees, room and board have increased 100 per cent, while incomes have only risen 18 per cent—and explains how the growing disparity threatens to transform college campuses into “gated communities.”


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U.S. colleges become “gated communities” for the elite

  1. Nice to see a link to TomDispatch – Tom Englehardt & Co. have been putting out high quality articles for quite a while now, and it’s good to see them get some recognition.

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