US government acts on junk food in schools -

US government acts on junk food in schools

Legislation to ban candy, sugary drinks


The Obama administration is moving this week to ban candy and sugary drinks from US schools as part of the fight against childhood obesity, the New York Times reports. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will announce that all vending machines in schools be “filled with nutritious offerings to make the healthy choice the easy choice for our nation’s children,” and first lady Michelle Obama is expected to lead an initiative against childhood obesity. While it’s popular with Democrats, Republican support is uncertain: Senator Saxby Chambliss, the ranking member of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, has not yet made it clear whether he’ll support a ban on junk food, and other Republicans said they’d wait and see. The legislation would reauthorize the government’s school breakfast and lunch programs, banning sweet treats and requiring schools to offer more nutritious food, which could be expensive. While the administration has proposed spending $1 billion more each year on the $18 billion meals program, some school officials worry it’s not enough. The bill would exempt bake sales, parties and other occasional offerings of sweet snacks, causing others to wonder what else will be exempt.

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US government acts on junk food in schools

  1. It's amazing how some school staff can argue that this kind of ban prevents them from buying sports equipment.

  2. it's amazing they get a free lunch, we didn't when i was growing up

    • They get a free lunch, but never eat the fruit or vegetables. The diabetes rate in California is 10% and Type 2 diabetes which was virtually unheard of when I was you- 40 years ago- now is common in adolescents. In France, children are "forme" instead of educated. In ecole maternelle (pre-kindergarten) they come around and have children taste different food to educate the whole person. Come to, if you want to finally fix diseased public education, which is at the root of virtually every problem we presently face in this society.

      • in France they also smoke a lot .. smoking being the deadliest habit ..i believe they don't have laws like we do yet

  3. Terrific. I love the smell of totalitarianism in the morning.

    Maybe Obama can start telling parents what TV shows to let their kids watch next. Clearly he knows more about what's best for kids than their parents do.

    • That's okay, you can still stuff your kids full of crap when they get home at the end of the day. You're free to do so.

      • I'm free to do so? How gracious of my government to allow me such latitude.

        • Is not the fact that school boards have decided to allow vending machines and cafeteria menus in schools in the first place a form of your so-called "totalitarianism"? Why is it freedom ringing when initial contracts for fats and sweets are signed, but crushing boot heels when government decides "if there's gonna be food in school anyway, make it healthy" ?

    • We are going where Obama wants us to go — he wants our children to be under his influence. He wants to expand the SEIU and we will not see any results of this LET'S MOVE campaign. But the conservatives could reuse this for their campaigns:
      Let's move them out in 2012!

    • I'm not sure of the connection here. The schools are owned by the government, they are just deciding what they will and won't sell in them. There is nothing there about stopping parents from sending things with their kids, or anything about kids not buying from stores around the school, or, frankly, anything regulating consumption other than forbidding the schools from selling.

      I am curious if this policy is just for public schools or if it also effect private schools. I think that I'd be opposed to telling private schools what to serve.

      Plus, if you're that opposed to the government not serving your kid pop tarts you can always home school.

  4. If they want to do something productive, get rid of the corn subsidies that make HFCS so cheap.

  5. Hopefully this big-gov't "solution" sparks the types of "grassroots" solutions we really need to solve the obesity epidemic

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  6. Wow its great to see the first lady making a difference! We have started using SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetener as a sugar substitute in our home because it has 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 chemicals, 0 glycemic index. Not only does it taste great, but no chemicals are added so there is no aftertaste. I've been able to find it in most grocery stores too which is very convenient.

    Congratulations to Michelle Obama for this great national campaign!

  7. if you want to get healthy eat food they don't advertise …when is the last time you have seen commercials for vegetables and fruit

    • Regularly. Big Milk and Big Broccoli are on my TV, corrupting my children (imaginary) all the time. I'm tired of them corrupting the youth with their messages of health and wellness.

      Who the hell do they think they are?!?

      • they're trying to get the kids hooked and the next thing they will be socialists

        • Worse! Granolas.

  8. Hi TedTylerEzro that was great info.

    There are enough ads on the Maclean's site (thanks ABP!) without adding more.