US pulls ambassador out of Syria

State Department cites “credible threats” to safety


The United States has temporarily recalled its ambassador in Syria, as a result of “credible threats against his personal safety,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner told the CNN on Monday. Washington has accused the Syrian regime of “incitement” against US Ambassador Robert Ford, after he was attacked by an armed mob of government supporters last month. The US envoy created a diplomatic firestorm in July, when he paid a visit to the Syrian city of Hama, one of the hotspots of the ongoing popular revolt against the government of president President Bashar al-Assad.


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US pulls ambassador out of Syria

  1. Would anyone like to remind the Damascus ophthalmologist what happened after the US ambassador to Tripoli “temporarily” took a vacation?

    It looks like everybody’s favourite Peace Prize trophy winner is lookin’ to carve another notch in his belt.

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