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In 2000, 539 white and 851 black juveniles committed murder, according to an analysis of federal data by the authors. In 2007, the number for whites, 547, had barely changed, while that for blacks was 1,142, up 34 percent.


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USA Stat of the Day

  1. US black population: 37.3 million
    US white population: 223.0 million

    (1,142 / 37,300,000) / (530/223,000,000) = 12.9

    According to these stats a black teen is 12.9 times more likely to commit a murder than a white teen.

    Barak Obama spoke eloquently about this very problem. Hopefully he will address this issue more effectively than his predecessors.

  2. “a black teen is 12.9 times more likely to commit a murder than a white teen”

    I’d be interested to see some socioeconomic stats on crime. That sentence could just as easily read “a poor teen is 12.9 times more likely to commit murder than a middle class teen”, I’d bet. Or, “a teen automatically judged to be inferior by mainstream society is 12.9 times more likely…” (I’m not being critical of your point, CR, just engaging in a structural liberalistic muse.)

  3. Potter, is there a point to this blog?

  4. My guess is that the majority of “black” teen murders would be from the lower class (as would their “white” counterparts) and most likely drug related. These comparisons of black , hispanic , etc vs. white are not accurate unless you control for “class”. Middle class and well to do blacks and hispanics commit crimes at a rate similar to that of their white counterparts.

  5. I think that’s because if you’re middle-classy, the people who really piss you off also give you a paycheque . . . no biting the hand that feeds you, especially when said hand has bodyguards.

    Compare this to crime statistics by race in Saskatchewan & Manitoba. 12.9:1 would be a drastic improvement, unfortunately. I’m 100% Wonder Bread myself, but my wife’s family & a lot of miscellaneous in-laws are mixed-heritage, so this effects my family pretty strongly, if only because of how stereotypes develop. Reserves (for the most part) are no longer de facto perisons, but put a visible minority group in concentration camps for a few generations, only the willfully ignorant could expect rosy results a few decades later. Unfortunately, there’s an awful lot of the willfully ignorant.