Utah-based researcher fundraises to find sasquatch


Researchers in the U.S. and Canada are raising funds for an aerial assault on the supposed habitat in B.C. and Washington state of the elusive (and perhaps mythical) sasquatch.

Utah-based researcher William Barnes is trying to raise $300,000 to buy a high-tech, camera-equipped airship created by Remote Aerial Tripods Inc. of Alberta. “The challenge of locating a solitary, nocturnal, far-ranging, intelligent primate is demonstrated by the dearth of definitive photographic evidence,” Barnes writes on the Falcon Project website.

Barnes, who said he saw a sasquatch in 1997, has several experts on the team. They include Jeff Meldrum, a professor of anthropology at Idaho State University, and Vancouver Island wildlife biologist John Bindernagel, author of two books on the subject: North America’s Great Ape, and The Discovery of the Sasquatch: Reconciling Culture, History and Science in the Discovery Process.

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Utah-based researcher fundraises to find sasquatch

  1. well, that’s smart.

  2. At least they’re not trying to scam funds for Glo-Bull Warming “research”

    • BillyBobby knows all about being full of what he refers to as Bull. He keeps tracking it all around this forum with it on the bottom of his cowbobby boots. YeeHaw. Ride em cowbilly.

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