Vaccine-autism link 'an elaborate fraud' -

Vaccine-autism link ‘an elaborate fraud’

British Medical Journal slams study that led parents to refuse vaccine


A 1998 study by UK researcher Andrew Wakefield that linked childhood autism to a vaccine was not only wrong, but an “elaborate fraud” according to the British Journal of Medicine. Wakefield’s study showed that twelve autistic children had first showed symptoms shortly after receiving the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. British investigative journalist Brian Deer revealed last year that not one of the 12 children’s official medical records matched the study’s assertion, including the dates when they first showed autism-like symptoms. The BMJ has confirmed Deer’s assessment. Even though doctors warned that the study was flawed because of its tiny sample size and lack of control group, hundreds of thousands of British parents refused to give their children the vaccine over the next decade because of the study. The fear of the MMR vaccine spread across the world. In 2008, measles was declared endemic to the UK once again—a symptom of panic over the vaccine.

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Vaccine-autism link ‘an elaborate fraud’

  1. The more press this story gets the better especially when celebrities like Jenny McCarthy are still suggesting that vaccination causes autism.

    • Agreed.

      When you consider how many children's health or life were impacted by this, I would not be at all surprised to see civil lawsuits – or possibly even criminal charges – stemming from this…

  2. He accepted a large sum (more than half a million dollars) from a group putting forward a vaccine lawsuit, and then provided the supporting argument they needed by falsifying specific medical records, as detailed in the BMJ article.

    "Fraud" is the appropriate word for that; it's well beyond simply seeing what you expected, or what you wanted to see.

  3. This was way WORSE than fraud. This was charismatic incitement of gullible parents to withold simple protection from their children, and also to worsen the risk to the entire population, both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, from increased circulation of terrible viruses. Children died because of this evil man's conduct. I feel the need to repeat that.


    I hope his behaviour gets punished at the criminal level. But, agnostic as I am, it's people like Wakefield who make me hope that some of the fanciful stories I have been told of the afterlife are true.

  4. Oh, please parents, go elsewhere to get the other side of the story! Try Generation Rescue or Age of Autism.

    The Montreal Gazette today quoted a parent as saying "“We are hundreds of thousands of mothers crying the same thing around world – that vaccines made our children autistic and no one wants to listen to us,”……………. Dr. Wakefield was a doctor that listened and helped and continues to help autistic children – and now he is paying the price for daring to question vaccines. This is a witch hunt!

    • I saw a physician on Oprah whose two sons autism and she herself was disputing the claim that the condition has any link to vaccination. In fact, her children showed symptoms of autism – specifically failure to make eye contact – prior to ever having the MMR vaccine. There were others on the show who despite their being NO scientific evidence of any link between vaccination and autism continue to insist that vaccination caused their children's autism. I do not understand what you think that scientists and the government has to gain by lying about the safety of vaccines. David Suzuki posed the same question with the H1N1 vaccine. As I have said before, if we want to deliver cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease to you, we are already doing that in the form of something called the cigarette.

    • Got any, you know, reliable evidence? Or are you just as pathetic as Wakefield, and just as authoritative as he is now?

      • Are you asking if I have reliable evidence that cigarettes are a cancer, heart-disease and respiratory-disease delivery system?