Van Loan likens Canada Post cuts to time trash pickup was kicked to curb -

Van Loan likens Canada Post cuts to time trash pickup was kicked to curb


OTTAWA – Government House leader Peter Van Loan is striking back at critics of Canada Post’s planned service cuts, comparing them to wealthy big-city dwellers who complained about having to lug their trash to the curb.

The Crown corporation says it will phase out door-to-door mail delivery in Canada’s urban centres as a way to stem rising financial losses — a move that would also slash thousands of jobs.

The plan to deliver mail to communal neighbourhood “superboxes” impacts about one-third of all Canadian households.

Van Loan, who summoned reporters to trumpet the government’s accomplishments during the now-ended fall session of Parliament, says most of his constituents get their mail from superboxes and it presents no big deal.

He says it reminds him of a time when residents of Toronto’s ritzy Rosedale neighbourhood complained about spending cuts that forced garbage collectors to stop coming up their driveways to collect the trash.

Van Loan says most Canadians are already getting their mail from superboxes and that Canada Post made the decision after consulting with customers.

“I am reminded of a time when the city of Toronto was going through some rationalization and trying to figure out how to deliver services,” he said.

“The good people of Rosedale did not like the idea (that) no longer would the garbage man come up to the side of the house to take the garbage, it was going to have to be like it was for everybody else in the country, they would have to get it at the end of the driveway.”

The Canada Post announcement came Wednesday, one day after the House of Commons rose for its holiday break.

Rural residences — a big Conservative constituency — will be spared from the latest service cuts.

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt, who is responsible for the post office, says Canadians are sending fewer letters and parcels than ever, leaving the Crown Corporation with no choice but to make tough decisions.


Van Loan likens Canada Post cuts to time trash pickup was kicked to curb

  1. I actually agree with the notion that door-to-door mail delivery is a dinosaur. Nonetheless, PVL’s can go f*ck himself with his characterization of critics. I remember the complaints from suburbanites (which I was at the time) when the supermailboxes were first introduced. The people who were no longer getting mail delivery to their door back then said they felt like second-class citizens.

    As an aside: Does this pending decrease in service mean that there will be a decrease in user fees (i.e. postage rates), as well?

    • it’s fashionable for people like Van Loan to bash Residents of Toronto when it suits them and come calling when it’s crunch time. This is more about trying to balance their book either by hook or crook. If we don’t need mail services that much anymore, why inxcrease the postage fee? Do these nonetities in Govt. even care about those that can’t walk to their mailboxes for their mail? What a Country Canada has become when Govt. don’t make policies anymore unless it is ideological. 2015 can’t come soon enough and if this Govt. thinks, they can do all the damage right now and hope people forget come election time, they are greatly mistaken. this is another nail in their coffin.

      • Oh please, you know there is no truth in that statement. People who can’t walk to their mailboxes that don’t have mail delivery right now, still manage to get their mail.

        As to why we need to raise the postage fee, it is because the postal service isn’t allowed to do anything other than deliver mail (and thus raise revenue), but it still has all the obligations of its past employees when mail volume was higher.

        Myself, I would rather privatize the mail service so they can diversify their business, price mail competitively, and keep their employees. However, the left would scream about privatization, even if it is the best thing for everyone involved.

        • they would cry, wait till the privatize the cbc in 3 elections. it will be great to see them cry and scream

    • Why should PVL go f*ck himself? The suburbanites were whining for no reason, and now more people are whining for no reason.

      • Because he is being disingenuous, creating a strawman, and bashing people on the basis of where they live rather than engaging in honest debate.

  2. Ahhh again it’s punishment.

    ‘There are 2 types of Conservatives – those that want to hurt someone and those who want the government to do it for them.’

    • There are actually 3 types of Conservatives – the two you name, and a third, those who want the government to do it TO them.
      They then state that it was the previous government that did it first, so it’s OK.

      • Masochists? LOL

        Then they can complain about the evilness of govt and STILL be happy.

      • Best line of the day. They are like attention seekers and don’t care if the Govt. is systematically destroying the basic things that affect them directly. Conservatives all over the world are known to vote against their interest which tells you, their state of mind. They have this misguided belief that, when Harper or any Neo Con does policy on the fly, it is targeted most of the time at the less fortunate of our society but if you look deep enough, you will see that, it also affects these Cons. supporters more than those they thought it afected most. I personally don’t care about the policies of this Govt. because it willnever affect me directly but i do care that, they are creating a burden on generations now and to come which is pure evil.

    • There is only 1 type of Liberal Lie-beral.

      As in – Other People’s Money.

      Good at spending Other People’s Money but not so charitable with their own.

      • Partisan bilge…stop it.

        • WHAT?! You can open with: ‘There are 2 types of Conservatives – those that want to hurt someone and those who want the government to do it for them.’

          Then complain when someone else is spouting partisan bilge? Either stop spewing it, or don’t act offended when you get splattered with it, crazy lady.

          • Cons and Libertarians regularly spout their ‘principles’….and it’s all to do with the ‘free market, invisible hand, competion’ and so on…’s their philosophy.

            Just saying a party is lying is partisan bilge.

          • You are either insane, or you don’t truly believe what you just said. You are also not fooling anyone. You can’t spew hate and then call people out for spewing hate without looking like an idiot and a hypocrite.

          • Oh Yanni knock it off with the name-calling….Cons are forever hiding their debate losses with crap like that.

            As I said before….life does not revolve around you…..and other people have different opinions. Get used to it….without the nyah nyah routine.

          • Okay, crazy lady. I wasn’t debating with you here, I was castigating you for being a horrible person. Stop being a horrible person.

          • Cheezuz….next you’ll be calling people poopyhead or some other intellectual name.

            How old are you anyway??

          • be careful EMILYONE will cry if your a meany

          • LOL You must be new here.

      • a liberal in 1 word -> CHILD

        • Whatever you do Argos 03 Don’t say “Shiny Pony” around Emily One. She gets defensive whenever someone mentions how “Trudeau” the “Shiny Pony” collected his MP salary then doubled his speaking fees, skipped “work” and collected double his old pay scale; All while on Taxpayer time.

          Nice work if you can “daddy” your way into it.

  3. “Van Loan likens Canada Post cuts to time trash pickup was kicked to curb” I’m sure that’s the way voters will feel in 2015, especially the moderate conservatives fooled into voting for these fanatics.

    • I guess the election will be about those “in the wagon” as opposed to “those pulling the wagon”

      As they are finding out in the US; sooner or later you run out of Other People’s Money.

      I recently read a poll where our famous/notorious home grown Canadian dunderhead “Rob Ford” is more popular than their current President.

      • Actually the US is going bankrupt borrowing money to pay out to the rich in tax cuts. How’s that for “Other People’s Money”!!

        • Ron your statement doesn’t add up.

          The US has a spending problem not an income problem

          The US is almost half “In the Wagon” = Other People’s Money. Borrowed Money.

          Almost 50% of lower income Americans pay no Income tax at all. And if my memory serves me correctly, a large percentage of this group gets a tax rebate but pays nothing in. Sort of like Canada.

          The borrowed money is going to those who are not contributing but who use huge amounts of services.

  4. CEO of Canada Post should be fired for letting Canada Post lose so much taxpayers money, and it is taxpayers money and grand kids debt he is burning. If we had any leadership in this country he would be already fired.

    As the reality is this is too little, too late and not adequate. Should just declare Canada Post bankrupt, let a private equity buy in in bankruptcy and then they run it like a real business.

    As the reality is Canadian taxpayers are subsidizing junk mail. Junk mail isn’t paying the costs, as for every legitimate mail I get, I get 30+ junk mail. And you know junk mail producers are not paying the proposed 84 cent rate, oh no…they just run Canada Post debt to subside junk mail then sting the taxpayer later.

    Be better to hire me, a private investor. Pay me $100k/year plus expenses with the big stick, and I will have a profitable Canada Post inside of 6 months. Do expect a lot of management firings and union layoffs, the problem is the culture and I would have that fixed in 30 days.

    Sorry Canada Post, taxpayers already have too many parasites picking aways at their wallet. What I would do:

    1) Fire 1/2 of all senior management. I would look at what they have done int he last 6 months and fire the non-productive. First week I am there.

    2) Haul in the union, wage reductions coming or we will lockout/replace. No one in this world pays this much for low skills in delivering mail. It will be fixed, set them on wage parity with USA. That gets initiated in week 2 and employees can choose severance or lower wage jobs.

    3) Every manager in the organization undergoes and evaluation, and expect 50% or more not to have jobs. If you don’t have the management skills, no need to keep the dead weight on.

    4) New initiates like one day a week delivery unless value justifies it become immediate and those that fight it get fired on the spot. Have 30 years of deferred progress to roll out in less than 50 days.

    Be modeled right after how Sergio Marchionne fixed Chryler. Hack any problem right out of the organization without the BS.

  5. There are actually 3 types of Conservatives – the two you name, and a third, those who want the government to do it TO them.
    They then state that it was the previous government that did it first, so it’s OK.