Van Loan on Mulcair: why so quiet on corruption, Tom?

The Government House Leader’s statement on bribery allegations in La Presse


Here’s a statement from Government House Leader Peter Van Loan regarding La Presse’s revelation that former Laval Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt allegedly attempted to bribe NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair when the latter was a provincial MNA.

According to Radio-Canada [ed’s note: it was actually La Presse’s exclusive] Thomas Mulcair has known about corruption in Quebec politics since 1994, when the Mayor of Laval allegedly offered him “help” in the typical Liberal style: an envelope. Thomas Mulcair appears to have kept this sordid affair to himself for seventeen years. In 2010, he even denied having ever been offered a bribe. Yet after seventeen years of silence, Mulcair finally spoke up after investigations were already underway in 2011. As a result, Thomas Mulcair could be called before the Charbonneau Commission to explain his (in)action.

Mulcair kept his firsthand knowledge of corruption from the public for two more years, before choosing to dump it today, when he felt the media would be distracted by other stories.

This presents some difficult questions for Mr. Mulcair:

Why did he protect Gilles Vaillancourt and cover up this alleged criminal activity for 17 years?

Why did it take a public inquiry into the biggest corruption scandal in Canadian history for Thomas Mulcair to finally come clean with Canadians?

Why did Thomas Mulcair lie and say he was never offered any money by Gilles Vaillancourt?

Will he agree to appear if called to testify under oath before the Charbonneau Commission?


Van Loan on Mulcair: why so quiet on corruption, Tom?

  1. Just how lucky can Justin Trudeau get? Was he born on Christmas Day or something! -).

    • Trudeau Jr. wants to keep the House of Patronage to con’t in the grand tradition of placing party fundraisers and loyal libs on the taxpayer’s dime.

      So the problem with Mulcair is that he refused the envelope and can’t be corrupted?

      As opposed to both liberal and conservative senators being caught ripping off the public purse? How lucky is that?

      • Yay Tom!

    • Yay Justin!

  2. Hey Pete Van Loon… Only conservative prime ministers accept envelopes full of money.

    • If he repeats it verbatim, it better be in the floor of the HoC.

  3. Seems like Van Loan may be trying a little spin and deflection of his own, to divert attention from his own party’s corruption problems…

    • Or at least get Mulclair off their backs for the $3.1 billion missing dollars. By the way, is it true the latest story on Wright/Duffy is that Duffy used Wright’s cheque to guarantee a loan at Royal Bank to pay back the tax payer? The story is the cheque or the money is in trust with Duffy’s lawyer. Have you heard this?

  4. I haven’t trusted Mulcair in years. I used to respect him when he was a strong federalist in the 1990’s and stood up for the English minority in Montreal. But ever since joining the NDP in 2007 he has abandoned all his principles and now wants more language laws in Quebec, wants Quebec to be able to separate based on only 50%/+1 and has spent most of his time pandering to separatists in the BQ base.

    • People sometimes think that others who are members of other parties or hold policy views they disagree with are bad people. But rarely have I seen someone posit that someone became less and less honest as they adopted positions that person disapproved of.

      Besides, if van Loon is right, and the horror here is that Mulcair never spoke of it, he kept that secret for about as many years as a Liberal AND and an NDP, no?

  5. He was a senior Liberal in Quebec. I’m sure this wasn’t the first or last envelope of cash he saw during his career there. But I’d really more interested in the envelope’s that he accepted. Says a lot about Mulcair’s credibility with the Canadian media that they simply repeat his denials as if it’s a proven fact.

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