Vancouver hotel, fast food restaurants drenched after prank

Internet hoax has guests and staff activating fire sprinklers


The North Vancouver Hotel sustained more then $100,000 in damage after eight guests were tricked into flooding their rooms by knocking the pins out of fire sprinklers. Two unknown pranksters, calling themselves “Bobby” and “Michelle Green,” used an untraceable web service to phone the rooms and tell guests that a dangerous gas leak would ignite within minutes unless they released the pressure through their sprinklers. Similar calls were also made to several North Shore fast food restaurants. The incidents are similar to ones perpetrated by a Canadian web-group called PrankU or PrankNet, which has convinced hotel guests in the U.S. to consume their own waste and destroy rooms by setting off sprinklers, smashing walls, and throwing TVs out of windows.

Vancouver Sun

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Vancouver hotel, fast food restaurants drenched after prank

  1. Life is like a box of chocolates!

  2. Wow, I'm shocked that people will fall for these pranks….. common sense much?

  3. I'm just really confused.

    These "pranksters" managed to convince some people to consume their own bodily waste?

    You are kidding me, right?

  4. Im not surprised some crazy things like this occur. I work in a hotel, and some guests often behave in a weird ways. They are too often confused in a new setting. A prankster telling them to set the sprinklers off does not suprise me, he could have been impersonating someone from the maintenance department and the guests would have bought it. However, the consuming bodily waste part is way too weird.

  5. people will do a lot of wacky things if they think an authority figure is telling them to do it

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