Vancouver takes on Occupiers

Woman’s death sparks showdown between city and protesters


A young woman’s death over the weekend at the site of Occupy Vancouver has prompted city officials to redouble efforts to shut down the 23-day downtown encampment, the Globe and Mail reports. Authorities have not yet confirmed what caused the death 23-year old Ashlie Gough, though many at the site reportedly believe it was overdose.

The Globe and Mail

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Vancouver takes on Occupiers

  1. Stop lying,she was murdered by the Riot police.

    • or by “protestors” with special interests. 

  2. Where were these champions of law order and the suppression of peaceful protest when the canucks lost the stanley cup? I am sure this is just a chance to use up all of the left over pepper spray and overtime budgets. I do wonder why they didn’t react when they had an unruly mob to contend with, but then, these are nice, safe, peaceful protestors what better way to suppress opinion?

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